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“GODZILLA!!” Or How to be Hypnotized in Front of Your College Friends

When a Hypnotist is on Campus, You Never Know What You Might Do.

By Brett Vergara, Saint John Fisher College

This is Basil 135, a cozy little auditorium here on the Saint John Fisher College Campus.  This little venue seats about 270 people and is used for several events throughout the year.  There is one event I remember here in particular that has given me some very random experiences that I will never forget.  I even talk about some of these random stories when I am showing families this room when I am giving tours as a “student ambassador” for the admissions office.  During my spring semester of Freshman year, the Student Activities Board at our school brought hypnotist, Keith Karkut to campus.

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Now, I was one of those people that COMPLETELY didn’t believe in hypnosis and all of that… I thought it was ridiculous.  So I remember I went to the event with a few of my good friends and I was slamming this hypnotist right and left and I didn’t believe in what he was doing what-so-ever.  Of course, when we all took our seats and he began to look for volunteers, I was one of the first to go up.  This was mainly because my friends were raising my hand FOR me.  So, I am sitting up there on stage and guess what?? Turns out I can be hypnotized.  The thing is… I really didn’t even put up much of a fight either.  I was pretty much out like a light as soon as he waved his little magic hand in front of my face and said “SLEEP!” Things only escalated from there.  Over the course of the next hour, I took every opportunity I could get to embarrass myself.  Some of the finer moments included:

–        I was convinced that my name was Godzilla and I would SCREAM it as loud as I could whenever someone asked me what my name was.

–        Whenever someone mentioned “snow” in any context whatsoever, I would jump out of my chair and go on a rant about my hatred of winter and everything about it.

–        I was led to believe that I was a member of N’SYNC and I got right into character when the hypnotist played “Bye Bye Bye.” I even suddenly learned all of the dance moves in the music video as well.  Who knew I had that in me.

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Luckily, I wasn’t the only one on stage embarrassing myself, so I guess that is a plus.  I was also lucky that no one else would be able to witness the events that transpired when I was hypnotized… right? Wrong.  The videos are plastered ALL over Facebook.  Regardless of the humiliation, I will never forget that night and neither will my friends.

This was just one of the many events that I have attended over the course of my college career.  The Student Activities Board, as well as the other student organization across campus, does a great job hosting SEVERAL activities and events throughout the school year.  Getting involved with clubs and organizations at college as well as attending as many events as you can is always the advice I give to all of my friends starting their college careers.  What other time in our lives are we going to be sitting in our room on a Wednesday evening and have the option to take a five minute walk to see a magician, a musician, a hypnotist, or speaker? Never! We have to take advantage of these college years before they fly by!



Brett S. Vergara

St. John Fisher College | 3 stories

My name is Brett Vergara and I am currently a junior Communications major at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY. I also have two minors in digital cultures and technologies and visual and performing arts. Last summer, I had the opportunity to live a dream I've had since I was a kid and work in New York City at a record label. I loved the experience of living and working in the city that never sleeps and it has solidified my interest in pursuing a career after graduation within the entertainment industry.

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