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Great Advice For Spending Spring Break in Paris

Here’s your ultimate guide to making the most out of spring break in Paris.

Paris is always a good idea and definitely a very popular city among college tourists; and the winding streets, rich culture, and distinctive ambiance make the city of lights the perfect place to spend spring break. Whether you’re visiting for a week, or having a stay-cation in the middle of the semester, here’s your guide to having the ultimate spring break in Paris, arrondissement, or district.

Best Areas for a Photo Op

7th, Palais-Bourbon

The seventh arrondissement is one of the richer districts, and is where you can find luxury shops if you want to splurge. This district is also home to the Eiffel Tower and Musée d’Orsay, perfect sites for the college tourist on a budget.

8th, Élysée

In this district, you can walk down the Champs- Élysée, which is known as “the world’s most beautiful avenue”. Here, you can get a great photo op of the city lights and Arc du Triomphe.

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Best Areas for Historical Sites

1st, Louvre

This small district is one of the oldest in Paris, dating back to the middle ages, and sits on the right bank of the River Seine. The first arrondissment is home to some of Paris’ most famous museums. While visiting, be sure to visit the Louvre then stroll through the Tuileries Garden built by Catherine de Medici.

3rd, Temple

The third arrondissment is where you can find some of the more medieval architecture in Paris. This district is fairly quiet, but a great site for a history lover. You can check out the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers to see the former site of a monastery in the middle of the city.. 

Best Areas for Nightlife

4th, Hôtel-de-Ville

This district is strikingly modern in comparison to its quiet neighbors. Hôtel-de-Ville is home to the Centre Georges Pompidou, a post-modern building that houses a modern art museum. In the fourth arrondissement, you can also find le Marais, a neighborhood known for its great bars and for being a center of LGBTQ owned businesses and culture.

5th, Panthéon

The fifth arrondissment is home to several prestigious universities, and because of that, is also known for its incredible nightlife. Be sure to check out the Latin Quarter for a night of dancing and drinking wine. Here’s more great things to do with our College Tourist City Guide.

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Best Areas for Outdoor Activities

6th, Luxembourg

The Luxembourg arrondissment is known for its spectacular cafés. This is the perfect area to gather a group of friends for breakfast and coffee. You can even buy food at a grocery store, and have a picnic in the famous Jardin du Luxembourg.

18th, Butte-Montmarte

This arrondissment boasts stunning, hilly views, beautiful street art, and a wonderful open-air market. You could spend an entire day exploring just this one district, climbing the hilly slopes, and walking along the paths where Picasso once walked, buying crepes, and making your way up to Sacre Coeur for a breathtaking view of the city.

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Best Areas for Cuisine

10th, Entrepôt

The tenth arrondissment is where you want to go for an outdoor meal. There are several restaurants and cafés where you can enjoy coffee and a pastry while on the banks of the Canal St. Martin. In fact, the roads along the canal are a great place to ride a bicycle Saturdays. This district is where you can catch a train to surrounding suburbs, like Versailles.

11th, Popincourt

This district is arguably one of the best places for bars, and has so many options for a great night out. Rue Oberkampf, is a great street to find restaurants with impeccable wine selections. Towards Bastille, you’ll be able to find an interesting mix of South American, French, and South Asian cuisines.

Best Areas for Shopping

2nd, Bourse

The second arrondissment is known for being a hub for business, but has some hidden jems. You can visit the Galerie Vivienne, one of the few remaining covered passageways in Paris, to stroll down the mosaic pathway while shopping for wine and books.

9th, Opéra

In this district, you can find a huge selections of stores. Rue Lafayette, in particular, is home to some of the best. Be sure to visit the famous department store, Galleries Lafayette, as well as Comptoir Richard Café.The Ultimate Guide to Spring Break in Paris


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