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Great Spots for a Weekend Adventure on Study Abroad

Lake District, UK
If you’re studying abroad in England, you will want to book off a weekend in your calendar to visit the Lake District. It’s easily accessible by coach or train and offers a multitude of beautiful hiking spots. It’s highly recommended you do your research beforehand to decide exactly which areas you want to explore. Escape the city and enjoy the incredible countryside in either the rain or sun. Look on Groupon for hotel/cottage deals to make this getaway the ultimate combo of outdoor adventure and lavish relaxation. Roslyn Kent.

If you happen to be in Greece or anywhere near by, leave a weekend open to visit the island of Aegina. There’s something to be said for the often missed beauty of the smaller and lesser known Saronic Islands. You can easily spend a few days here taking in the amazing views, sampling their signature pistachios, and enjoying the many tranquil areas. Most importantly, be sure to rent a bike or quad for under 15 euros and explore the coastal roads that wrap around the island! Emily Roth,


Winchester UK
Any easy weekend getaway from London is hopping on a coach to Winchester. While not as a major tourist city as London, this local town has lots to see, do and enjoy for few days. Winchester is the home of Jane Austen, King Arthur’s Round Table, Winchester Cathedral, a local university, and a large Christmas market and decor all throughout the city in December. Such a great place to see how the locals live in England. One of my personal favorite getaways outside the city of London… Miranda Siwak


Kakum National Park, Ghana
If you’re in Ghana, you absolutely must go to Kakum National Park, which is close to Cape Coast and walk through the rainforest canopy. A bridge was built that will allow you to walk through the canopy of the rain forest and see Ghana in another light. A slightly terrifying, but exhilarating, experience, it is not one to be missed. After all, not many people can say that walked through the canopy of a rain forest! Be one of them. Gabrielle Hickmon


Bath, UK
If you’re studying abroad in England, take a weekend trip to the lovely city of Bath! This is a gorgeous place to visit, you’ll find cute little cafes and shops, pubs, beautiful parks and of course the incredible Roman Baths. It’s a great place to visit and learn some history at the same time. It is pristine and beautiful in every sense of the word. Nikki McKenna


Lisbon Portugal
If you’re studying abroad in Spain, a weekend trip to Lisbon, Portugal is close, affordable, and so worth it. It’s a beautiful city with a great atmosphere. a rich history, lots delicious food, and mind blowing sunsets. Be sure to check out nearby Sintra while you’re there! Hannah Polston



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