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Greek Life Problems: 10 Reasons Why We Can’t Break Our Spirit Jersey Obsession

Spirit Jerseys are flooding college campuses around the nation, and they’re here to stay.

If you’ve never heard of a Spirit Jersey (wait…seriously?!), it’s basically a cross between a t-shirt and sweatshirt with large text across the back. The original authentic company, Spirit Football Jersey, has been putting shirts on our backs (literally) since 1983. These bold oversized tees have been trending for years— especially with sororities and other organizations. So what makes Spirit Jerseys so insanely popular?

1. They’re unbelievably comfortable
They’re 100% cotton, roomy and ridiculously cozy. You’ll never want to wear anything else!

2. They’re stylish
Not only do you feel good wearing a Sprit Jersey, you also look good wearing a Spirit Jersey. It’s a win-win!

jersey 2

3. You can dress them up
Heading to a philanthropy event? Toss on a Spirit Jersey, a pair of jeans and strappy sandals for a polished look. Depending on the formality of the event, wear a pair of heeled booties, roll up the sleeves a couple times and add some fun jewelry.

4. You can dress them down
The most obvious way to wear a Spirit Jersey is with leggings and flip-flops. It’s easy, and it looks good every time— even when you’ve just rolled out of bed. There’s nothing the Spirit Jersey can’t do!

jersey 3

5. They make the best big/little gifts
Need something to top off your little’s initiation basket or the perfect graduation gift for your big? You can never go wrong with a Spirit Jersey! Custom individual orders are available at Spirit Jersey.

jersey 4

6. They provide the perfect amount of warmth
Before Spirit Jerseys, college girls across the nation faced the dilemma of deciding between wearing a full-on sweatshirt or just a t-shirt, or both. So. Many. Decisions! The Spirit Jersey acts as a middleman, providing the perfect amount of warmth so you don’t have to stress.

7. They make the best beach cover-ups
Need something to throw on over your bikini or shield yourself from the sun? Spirit Jersey to the rescue. You don’t even have to wear pants because of the oversized fit, which is great because who likes wearing pants anyway? *Nobody raises hand*

jersey 5

8. They’re made in the USA
Want to show your love for America? Wear a Spirit Jersey. Uncle Sam would be proud.

9. They make for epic photos
Got a Spirit Jersey? Take a picture in a beautiful setting ‘throwing what you know’ and upload it. Boom! Instant Instagram likes.

Jersey 6

10. They scream, “I love my sorority.”
I challenge you to find something in your overflowing t-shirt drawer that showcases the pride you have for your letters more than a Spirit Jersey. You just can’t.

jersey 7

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Spirit Jersey and Her Campus Media. As always, all words and opinions are of the author.

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