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Hiking the Wicklow Mountains

Glendalough Valley Ireland, just being so beautiful and acting like it doesn’t even care.

I’m studying in Dublin and nearby is the very beautiful Wicklow Mountain range (from which Guinness gets the water to make their lovely stout). A few of the students in my program and I went out one Sunday to check out the mountains for ourselves.

We took a bus from near Trinity College to Glendalough, which was about an hour long trip. I was a rainy day, but I was prepared and nothing was going to stop me from enjoying this hike.

The rain covered the mountains in mist. Despite the fact that I became very damp very quickly, the atmosphere was pretty spooky and awesome.


(I mean, soo spooky)

After some wandering and taking a few paths that weren’t really paths, the rain finally started to ease up. We were on a rather wide path and to the side, there was a stairway made out of giant logs.  We decided to take it and see where it went. At first, it was pretty level, then the stairs got steeper and steeper. I’m not really “in shape” per say. The last time I went to the gym was about…never. So these stairs were NOT my friends.

After this climb to the top of the mountain, the trees were tall and thick around us so we had no idea if it was still raining. As we continued climbing, with me heaving and sighing very attractively, the trees finally started to clear and the sun had come out. We emerged onto a plateau and were given the most beautiful view of the valley below.




I had never been so glad to follow a random staircase in my life. We weren’t even looking for it and we came exactly to the best place from which to look up and down Glendalough and across the beautiful expanse of the Wicklow Mountains. I am also convinced that the rain stopped just for us. I’d say it was fate that brought us up that stairway.

We walked along the top of the mountain which was so beautiful!  Then, eventually hiked back down the mountain. There was a cool lake down there and an ancient monastic village.



Once we were back down the mountain, the sun really started to come out. Seriously, are you kidding me, Wicklow? Just being so beautiful and acting like it doesn’t even care. In conclusion, its a MUST see and it’s a pretty easy trip.

Meg Loftus

University of Viginia | 2 stories

Meg Loftus is a third year English major at the University of Virginia currently studying in Ireland at Trinity College. In her free time, Meg enjoys performing/watching theatre, playing her ukulele, singing, and reading. Twitter and Instagram: @meggloftus

2 responses to “Hiking the Wicklow Mountains”

  1. Kathy says:

    Very well written Meg, I feel like I took the hike with you.
    It makes me want to go back to Ireland….I miss it 🙂

  2. Dave says:

    A lovely piece about what’s known as The Spinc. We love when the sun comes out to reveal Wicklows beauty- very well written!

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