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How I Decided to Get My Master’s Degree Abroad

What do you do when you still crave the country you left behind?

Seven months ago I was starting my senior year of college. It would be the first semester back at Curry College since studying abroad in London for four months. I had been home for four months already yet every day I still craved the rainy city. During the summer I had open discussions with both of my parents about the possibility of returning to London after I completed my undergraduate degree. Now as I’m preparing to receive my diploma I am also preparing to return to London in a few short months. It was a hard and thought-out decision but it is a decision I believe is the right one.

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Graduate school in America can be costly! Yes, some companies will pay part of the tuition after a few years of working with them in order to help you get your graduate degree. Still, it is expensive. Many international schools cost up to 20,000 dollars less than your average American university! There’s also dozens of scholarships specifically created for international students and since there is a small number of students willing to go receive their master’s degree abroad there is less competition to receive these scholarships! Also, FASFA (Free Application for Federal Aid) is accepted in many abroad institutions and can help find the best financial loans for you!

Higher Education

Your professors are more likely to be from different cultures when pursuing a degree abroad. Europe is small and yet each country is unique. Each culture has something new to teach you. Professors, and fellow classmates, can challenge your way of thinking with their perspective of their own society. You also learn a completely new school system, from the way classrooms are taught to the different types of solutions you can find in each situation.

Resume Builder

When considering graduate school, many of my professors told me that if I wanted to get my master’s degree after school to put the degree off. Work experience is essential. However, when I explained I was considering going abroad all my professors suddenly supported the decision. Going abroad has you stand out to hundreds of other applicants who have the same degree as you. You have learned new solutions to old problems and can connect with different types of individuals, regardless of what country they are from and what language they speak.

Starting New

You’re young. You’re reckless. What better way to explore the world then going to school? You’ve already gone for one semester and you’re craving a new adventure. To live abroad for an entire year with a student and work visa (most universities provide both!) you’ll have your fill of adventure while furthering your career. You’re already graduating from you undergraduate degree: this is the time to do what you want. Travel. Be selfish. This is the time in your life to do what you want to do.

Going outside of your comfort zone is uncomfortable at some points but those who love to travel crave new experiences. What’s more new and unique then getting an education in a different country?

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Alea Gilhuly-Mandel

Richmond, the International University | 7 stories

Currently attending Richmond, the International University in London to finish her Master's Degree in Journalism & Public Relations, Alea considers herself a professional traveler. Follow her on instagram (@aleagilhulymandel) to see where her travels take her, how much coffee she consumes and how many dogs she pets.

2 responses to “How I Decided to Get My Master’s Degree Abroad”

  1. Kirk Hazlett says:

    Alea ~ This is fabulous advice for any and all of us! I love your examples and your style of writing. You are going to be an amazing success!!

  2. Eva says:

    I totally would not have thought about graduate school in a foreign country before reading this! I’ve always been fascinated with other cultures and after hearing the pros from this post, it’s definitely something I’ll have to consider! Thanks for the good advice! 🙂


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