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How my Spirit Jersey Represents Home

The magical feel of my second home in Copenhagen.

When most hear the term “spirit jersey”, Greek life pops into mind immediately. However right after thinking of Greek life, I think of home. My original, authentic Spirit Jersey reminded me of home while I was abroad in Copenhagen for four months; not only are they made in the good ol’ USA, but it also represents my sorority, which is where I am most at home while at school at SMU. Made out of 100 percent cotton, these Spirit Jerseys are extremely comfortable and roomy, perfect for adventures abroad or at home!

As the boat cruised down the canal passing colorful building after building in Copenhagen, I slipped my spirit jersey, over my head to combat the chilly air. Copenhagen continued on with a relaxed flurry of activity that I have not found back home in America. Everyone seemed to have a place to be, a person to see, yet there was no sense of urgency. There was something about the overall feel of Copenhagen that made it so magical. After four months of living there and pondering what made my second home so special, I have realized it was the overall atmosphere of this enchanted city. The Danes lead a highly content life discernible by their reserved personalities, healthy lifestyle, trust for one another and so much more.

Exiting the Norreport metro and spit out into the middle of the city, I found myself surrounded by a sea of gorgeous, tall, blonde Danes dressed head to toe in black, trendy garbs. Sticking out in my colorful, sorority-bearing spirit jersey, I focused on not being hit by the throngs of bike riders; I navigated my way towards my favorite coffee shop, Nutid. Surrounded by Danes speaking softly to one another in Danish, I was greeted by a waiter in Dane. Always flattered when someone spoke to me in Danish (because surely that’s a sign I fit in), I replied that I only speak English. Conversing with the waiter and receiving the same warmth that I felt from every Dane I encountered, I ordered a chai tea latte and leaned back in my chair.

The whole semester I had been in awe of the lifestyle of these Danes. With bike lanes as wide as the car lanes, Copenhagen is a breeding place for fit individuals. I could find countless people outside doing a range of exercises at any point during the day. I never quite mastered the texting-while-riding-your-bike, but am confident I could have if I had had enough time in this energetic place. Some college campuses have countless bicycle racks overflowing with bikes, but SMU is a fairly small campus that is easily walk-able, so I know I’ll miss seeing bikes everywhere.

The chai tea latte came and went just as fast as all of my meals did in Cope. Home to one of the top restaurants in the world, Noma, Copenhagen produces high quality food serving everything from top-notch sushi to Indian food to burgers. While the prices sure did damage my wallet, I regret nothing and would gladly spend $25 on a zucchini burger again.

The difference between America and Denmark that I miss daily is the amount of trust they have for one another in Denmark. Stroll along the street cafés of Copenhagen and one will see countless babies parked outside with a child still in it. Their culture trusts everyone so much that they leave their child outside while they run inside to grab a coffee. That sounds so atrocious here because the thought of someone just leaving their child in the streets alone is appalling; something bad would be bound to happen. Yet, with everyone trusting one another so much and sticking primarily to his or her self, they have no reason to worry. Their culture has fostered this immense amount of trust that they do not even have to think twice about. There’s a sense of collective responsibility among Danes, but one would never barge into another’s business unless summoned.

Dubbed as the happiest nation, Denmark prioritizes gender equality, supports parents with a paid 52 week maternity and paternity leave, and has coined their own term, “hygge”, to define the coziness they use to survive the long, Nordic winters. All of these various aspects I have mentioned only begin to describe my favorite place. I miss their frank personalities, affection towards one another and zeal. If you ever find yourself with the opportunity to travel to Copenhagen, I highly recommend you go so that you can experience the magic of this city as well.

I now have a home in Copenhagen and this spirit jersey emblazoned with “Denmark” on the back serves as a constant reminder of that. Individual and custom orders are available on and these are the perfect way to keep your home even closer to your heart by representing your hometown, your abroad home, sorority and more. SMU is my home, but now I consider Denmark my home as well, and I will wear this original, authentic jersey proudly.

Molly O'Connor

Southern Methodist University | 6 stories

Molly is a senior at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX majoring in Communication Studies. Bitten by the travel bug during her incredible semester abroad in Copenhagen, she's learning to both find adventure in her every day life and to look for an opportunity to discover something new daily! Lover of donuts, running, people, and of course, travel, she's excited to share her stories with the College Tourist community! To follow along with her adventures, follow her on Instagram @ _hot_tamolly_ and check out her blog,

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