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How To Answer, “What Are You Doing After Graduation?”

The Key To Answering This Question With Ease & Grace

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. One that not many people realize until it’s far too late. Not everyone can comprehend/handle/understand it.. so it’s okay if you don’t get it right off the bat…

The most rewarding way to answer the DREADED question, “What are you doing after graduating?” Is to reply with, “I will be traveling the world.” (And then you have to be prepared for silence… because the questioner is expecting something more along the lines of “Oh, I am moving to _____ city to work for _____ company and sit in a cubicle and work ungodly hours and eat Ramen because I can’t afford anything else. But I am SOOOO excited about it!” You are graduating from college and are taking your education into your own hands and out of the hands of the institution and professors. It’s your time to see and experience this massive, beautiful, and complex world we live in!

I’ll leave you to sit and be inspired as you watch this video of what I did the summer after graduating…

Thoughts? Emotions? Feelings?

If you are AT ALL interested or inspired to travel after graduating you should not ignore that itch to get out of your comfort zone. If you ignore it now, think about what it will feel like down the road in 20 years when you have seriously discovered your itch to travel and at this point you have a big time job, a significant figure in your life, maybe some children, oh and a mortgage. (FORGET TRAVELING!) So save yourself the heartache and give in to the itch 🙂 Time is of the essence! The money will come with time, but now is the time to make some memories!

On that note, if you are graduating in the next year, the time to start preparing for your travels is NOW! You can reference how I prepare for  backpacking trips in the following links on planning, lodging, & more inspiration on finding happiness after graduation.

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Virginia born, Kentucky raised, and Spain living. Currently living in Southern Spain as an English Language Assistant. A graduate of The University of Dayton with dual degrees in Spanish and Public Relations. I fell in love with southern Spain during my semester of study in Seville & before coming back to USA after my studies I decided to circumnavigate the globe for three months. I then went on another 50 day backpack trip and ended up living in Spain! I consider myself a world traveler, videographer, (striving) calligrapher, and blog enthusiast just beginning to scratch the surface of the adventures life has to offer.

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