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How to control your Wanderlust during finals.

Controlling your wanderlust during finals can be accomplished with our team tips.

Roslyn Amy Allow a break to plan future trips:  Controlling your wanderlust during finals can be accomplished easily by allowing yourself breaks to plan your future trips. Study two hours, plan for one. Finish ten practice questions, book two hostels etc. By making these concrete plans in between study sessions, you are telling your brain that you have something to look forward to once you complete each task. Result: effective studying and many wonderful plans for when you finish exams. 


Emily Freebery  Replay and edit your videos: One of my favorite parts of my study abroad experience has been capturing the memories in the form of short videos (on my GoPro). Now, as I begin studying for finals I can stay sane and control my wanderlust by replaying and editing all of the videos I have taken this past year. My goal is to not only pass all of my exams, but also create a short 3 or 4 minute movie of my year! Taking travel videos is a great way to remember your experience in detail, and editing and compiling these videos is almost as fun as taking them! Editing your travel videos into a short travel movie is a great way to deal with your wanderlust during finals, as it provides the perfect travel-oriented study break. For every hour or two of studying, spend a half hour going through and editing your travel videos!


Miranda Siwak  Look over your travel blog and create a travel journal:  When you’re stuck at school hopelessly dreaming of traveling someplace exotic, there’s one thing that always helps satisfies my wanderlust: looking back through all of my travel blog posts and photos; thinking back to those incredible moments I’ve been fortunate to experience. My goal is to take all my blog posts, photos and souvenirs to create a travel journal from my study abroad experience and traveling adventures. A travel journal is the perfect way to resolve those feelings of wanderlust while also indulging in your creativity. Try studying for a bit and when you need a break, put together a page or two. A perfect way to get your studying done and be motivated to complete your journal!

Emily Roth Explore the hidden treasures right beneath your nose: Controlling your wanderlust is usually hardest when you’re doing something you want to get out of…aka studying for finals. Instead of trying to kill your desire for adventure, use it as a motivator and feed it. Look up places around campus that you’ve never been to and explore the hidden treasures right beneath your nose. There may be some awesome walking trails nearby or an authentic Mediterranean restaurant you can go to for lunch. Take this time to enjoy the great parts of your surrounding area that are easily accessible and therefor often taken for granted.

Here’s 10 More Ways to Combat Wanderlust

Stalk Instagram: Our instagram is filled with pictures from College Tourists around the world. Just scrolling through you’ll find beautiful pictures of culture, cuisine, and candid shots. Track hashtags for your favorite places to see what other users thought was instagram worthy. Instagram has its own “explore” button. Use that to your advantage, and see what the world of social media has to offer. #collegetourist to be featured. Here are 12 of the Top Student Instagram Accounts to follow.Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 7.41.53 AM

How to control your Wanderlust during finals.

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