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How To: Eat Your Way Through Europe

So much food. So little time.

So you’re studying abroad. Your flight is booked, your bags are packed, and you are officially living on a different continent for an entire semester. This journey is incredible and exciting and terrifying all tied together in one wildly wrapped package. As you get ready to start your travels, or are in the middle of them right now, or have returned home and are painfully nostalgic about your trip (Present!), one of the biggest parts of your trip is FOOD!

There is nothing more important than where you eat, what you eat, and how often you’re eating it. No matter where in this world you find yourself on your journey, you’re going to want a good meal (and an even better Instagram!). Here is the unofficial (but very well-researched) guide to eating your way through Europe!


Florence was my home base while studying abroad, so I am a bit biased, but they undoubtedly have some of the greatest food you’ll eat while abroad. Here are a few of my favorites:


Pino's Panini

Pino (and his family!) serve up some of the best sandwiches, pasta dishes, rice balls, and just about anything else you could dream of, in Florence. The line might be wrapped around the corner, but it is worth the wait every. single. time. No matter how long your stay in Florence is, a stop at Pino’s is a MUST!

La Milkeria:

La Milkeria Crepe

Milkeria offers some of the greatest crepes/waffles/bagels/coffee in all of Europe, in my humble opinion. This picture is the Nutella crepe with fresh fruit and an iced caffe latte with two shots of espresso (is there any other way, really?), and I ordered this exact thing more times than I’m proud to admit. If we’re being honest, there’s not a single bad choice at Milkeria.

News Cafe: 

News Cafe Cappuccino If you’re looking for a coffee place with the most creative menu items, look no further than News Cafe. The baristas are experts at drawing creative cappuccino art, and you can get Nutella in more than half of the drinks on the menu. They have a huge selection of incredible pastries and muffins, too!


Tijuana Margarita If you’re looking to satisfy your Mexican food craving while in Italy, look no further than Tijuana! With Taco Tuesday specials that you just won’t want to miss, they also have half-priced margaritas EVERY. DAY. It’s loud, it’s lively, and it’s GOOD.

Gusta Pizza: 

Gusta Pizza

The greatest pizza. Period. The end. It is everything you’d imagine an Italian pizzeria to be: they close mid-day and re-open for dinner, it’s always crowded, and they make the pizza in record time, right in front of you. Still dreaming about this beauty.

Central Market:

Central Market Tramezzino

Walking through the Central Market is perhaps one of the most overwhelming experiences I had while abroad. You can literally get anything you could ever want: salads, pizza, sandwiches, steak, seafood, dessert, coffee, beer, wine– I could keep going. I finally decided on this traditional pork sandwich, and my life was forever changed.

La Carraia:

La Carraia Gelato

I ate a LOT of gelato while I was in Italy, but La Carraia was by and large the greatest gelato I have ever had. They have two locations, which is super convenient, and the man that owns it is the nicest, happiest, human being I’ve yet to encounter. Make sure to try Nutella or Caffe or Cookies– or anything, really.


Mastrociliegia Pasta Dish

Hard to pronounce, easy to fall in love with. This pasta dish has the same name as the restaurant and came out in a bowl of pizza dough. Need I go on?


Brunch and Cake:
Brunch and CakeOne of my all-time favorite cities in the world, and some of the greatest food. What better way to spend your day than stare at the beach, drink a mimosa out of a mason jar, and eat this waffle/turkey sandwich?

Bo de B

Bo de B This was hands down one of the greatest sandwiches I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. The wait is LONG, but the end result is more than worth it. I’m still not entirely sure what made its way onto this sandwich, but I do remember one thing: make sure you get ALL the sauces!


Street Fair:

Prague Street Food A trip through Prague’s Old Town Square is incomplete without checking out all of the amazing food they have on the streets. You can find anything from spiked hot cider to fried dough with ketchup on it to chocolate covered EVERYTHING to chicken kebabs.

U Bulinu

U Bulinu Prague When I think about the greatest meals I’ve eaten abroad, this one ALWAYS comes to mind. Prague had some of the greatest comfort food I’ve yet to eat in this lifetime, and this meal could not have been any better.

U Fleku

Apple Strudel Prague

Dark beer, beef goulash, and some kind of apple pastry for dessert. This Prague beer hall was lively, fun, and had some crazy good food. Helpful hint: beer is cheaper than water.


Trdelnik You can find these classic Czech treats just about anywhere in Prague, which is good, because once you have one, you’ll want at least a dozen more. Fried dough dipped in cinnamon and filled with ice-cream and hot fudge. Do I really need to keep selling this one?


Flea Market:

I was in Berlin during Easter weekend, but every Sunday, there is a giant flea market where you can find some pretty cool souvenirs, and some REALLY GOOD food!
Berlin Street Food

These were two of my favorites. I had sweet potato fries in mango sauce and a waffle with Nutella, and both were absolutely incredible.

The Pub:

The Pub BerlinThis was my Easter Dinner this year and I have never been happier about anything. The Pub has personalized beer taps built into each table, which you can order from a screen attached to the top. It’s pretty much heaven on earth.


Hofbrauhaus BerlinThe most fun I have ever had at a meal. There’s a live band, you sit on benches, and consume more beer and mashed potatoes in one sitting than any one person should, and it is magical.



Singel Amsterdam The GREATEST brunch you will ever have. Their choices are so unique and so fresh, and it’s an incredible meal guaranteed. They also have a really extensive list of iced teas, which were awesome!

Pancakes Amsterdam:

Pancakes Amsterdam Holy moly I can’t get this pancake out of my head! Whether you like savory or sweet, the menu will satisfy your pancake craving. I got the apple cinnamon pancake and it came with A SIDE OF VANILLA ICE CREAM. Yep, still not over it.

Van Stapele:

Von Staeple CookieThey make one kind of cookie, but it is the best damn cookie you’ll ever eat in your life. Over the span of three days, my friends and I went there at least five times. Once, they had to bake more, and we waited inside chatting with the two bakers for nearly a half hour waiting for them to be done. They’re that good. (And people in Amsterdam are that nice!)

Cinque Terre:

Il Bocconcino:

Il Bocconcino Monterosso

If you do one thing while on the beach in Monterosso, visit my friend Luca and his wife Sabina who have the most amazing fried fish store in all of Italy. When people ask about the best thing I ate abroad, these fried crab claws are the first thing that come to mind.

Amalfi Coast:

Vini e Panini

Vini e Panini

There are worse ways to spend a day than sitting on the beach in Positano and eating a sandwich from Vini e Panini. The store sells just about anything you’d need for the beach, and they make a damn good sandwich.

Leone Rosso

Sorrento Seafood

Seafood on the Amalfi Coast is a no-brainer– so was that massive glass of wine 🙂 This seafood risotto, and the super loud, vibrant energy in Leone Rosso made for a memorable meal.

That about sums up my list! I hope this was helpful and would love to hear feedback from anyone who has their own favorites, shares mine, or anything in between! Happy Eating 🙂



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