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How To Pack Light For The Long Haul: 6 Carry-On Necessities.

6 Carry-On Necessities

Some of the greatest and most visited tourist destinations in the world are closely located next to each other. The geography of these destinations make it economically sensible and practical to visit multiple during one trip. Heading to France? Why not stop by the United Kingdom and Netherlands while you’re at it? Heading to Thailand? You might as well get the bang for your buck and stop by Cambodia and Vietnam. Although these three-for-one trips can be the economically smarter choice, packing for them can be stressful, to say the least. What makes these trips so economically smart is that many of the flights that operate between these countries are low-cost providers, meaning they offer the basic necessities and make you pay for what you want. This usually means that you’ll get a free carry-on but nothing else can be promised. Make the most out of your three-for-one trip and ditch the checked baggage fee and stress of lugging a 40 pound suitcase and stick to the 6 necessities for a long haul trip.

1. Clothing

Let’s start with the hardest why don’t we? Clothing is going to take the majority of your 10kg, carry-on suitcase. Make sure you not only pack enough clothing to make it at least a week(yes you will need to find a way to do laundry) but you will need to make sure your clothing(specifically shirts) are basic, neutral colored shirts that you can make work in multiple outfits. Another great thing about basic shirts is that when you get tired with the original style, you can always cut it up to make a different shirt. Along with this, you’ll want to make sure you have enough jeans and/or pants, one dressy outfit, and a swimsuit if bodies of water are on your itinerary. Oh, and don’t forget undergarments.

Clothing List: Basic T-Shirts, Jeans/Pants, Dressy Outfit, Swimsuit, Undergarments

2. Footwear

An emotional section for many of you ladies because who doesn’t want all twenty pairs of their black sandals with them on their journey through Southeast Asia? Ladies, no more than five, please. In reality, you can make it with just three pairs of shoes: one for walking, because you will walk A LOT. Do your feet a favor and make sure you have comfortable walking shoes that can withstand some of Europe’s infamous cobble-stoned walkways. You’ll need a pair of dressy shoes to go with your dressy outfit. Last but not least, you’ll need a pair of flip flops, or sandals, for those beach days and those days closed toe shoes just aren’t cutting it.

Footwear List: Walking Shoes, Dressy Shoes, Flip-Flops

3. Electronics and Entertainment

IT’S GETTING EASIER. Electronics and entertainment are vital on any long haul, country-hopping trip. Make sure you look up the outlets and voltages each country on your itinerary uses and plan accordingly by purchasing the appropriate converters and adapters. You’ll need chargers for any devices you bring(laptop, cell phone, iPad, etc.). Headphones are always a must but so is a good book. If your trip is going to last longer than the time it usually takes for you to finish a book, consider investing in an e-reader or an iPad as you can keep multiple books. The last thing we want to be bogged down by is four books.

Electronics and Entertainment List: Converter(s)/Adapter(s), Charger(s), Headphones, Book or E-Reader/iPad

4. Hygiene Basics

Please don’t skimp on hygiene products to pack that extra pair of shoes. General airport restrictions allow up to one zip lock bag full of liquid products of 3 Oz or, 100ml, or less of each product. Everyone’s routines differ but with the limited allowance I’d say the list below should be the basic standard.

Traveler Tip: If you’re really having trouble with space, consider leaving your products at home and purchasing them when you arrive in your destination city. This will require you to repurchase in every city but hey, maybe those shoes are really cute. Who am I to judge?

Hygiene Basics List: Deodorant, Shampoo, Body Wash, Toothpaste

5. Travel Documents

This should be obvious but please don’t forget your travel documents, specifically your passport. In the digital age, most itineraries, and some boarding passes, are kept digitally but for you old-fashion paper folk, don’t forget those either.

Travel Documents List: Passport, Itinerary, Boarding Passes

6. Accessories 

Last but not least. If you refer to necessity number 1, you’ll see that you weren’t able to bring too much clothes or too many bright, unique pieces. Depending on your personality, this can lead to travel depression but do not fret, accessorize! Bringing a couple accessories, mainly scarves, will allow you to switch up your outfits and not look like you’re wearing the same thing in your London, Paris, and Amsterdam photos(although you probably are).

Long-haul traveling can be chaotic, but with a good packing plan and a little optimism, you can enjoy your daily outfits just as much as you enjoy your trip!


How To Pack For The Long Haul, 6 Carry On Essentials

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