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How to Spend a Day of Proper Pampering in Cambridge

A Guide to a Day of Luxury, Relaxation, and Pampering in Cambridge, England

Despite the fact that you are legally able to drink in England at the age of 18, 21st birthdays still seem to merit extra celebration regardless of their legal significance. This past week my dear friend from Cambridge turned 21 and her celebration was no different. Lucky for me I was visiting at the time and was able to partake in a glorious day of Cambridge birthday pampering.

21st birthday numbers with champagne image


Step One

So, step one in a day of proper pampering is, of course, cake. Make sure to have cake prepared for when you wake up and since this is a day of luxury, have some champagne to go with it. Although, I was the only one, I do still firmly believe that cake and champagne is best enjoyed while one is still in their pajamas.

21 birthday cake image

Step Two

When you have finished off one or two or three slices of cake, it’s time to get yourself dressed, made up in your best pampering clothes, and headed out for a day on the town. Start by walking around the city streets of Cambridge and admiring how beautiful the little winding roads are. You can also choose to start imagining that you are in some sort of old time romance film as you stroll over the cobblestones. Also, Harry Potter.

Cambridge buildings image

Step Three

Let the true pampering begin. Make your way to the closest Jo Malone and be prepared for 1, the cutest store design ever, and 2, fragrance heaven.

interior of Jo Malone London image

Now Jo Malone has this wonderful campaign where, on your birthday, you can come in for a free hand massage and champagne. Heaven. Start out the visit by sipping champagne while you sample some of their unique fragrances. Once you’ve picked your favorite two, your massage can begin. Let me just say, you’re going to feel so bougie and so posh and it’s going to be wonderful. Your hands will be washed with your first choice of fragrance, then massaged with lotion of the same fragrance, then they will be sprayed with perfume of the last fragrance. You will literally smell so good. Be prepared to catch whiffs of yourself for the rest of the day.

enjoying being pampered at Jo Malone and Champagne image

Step Four

Now that you are properly relaxed and smelling like a queen, it’s time to go punting. A trip to Cambridge is not complete without a punting experience. For those of you who may not know, punting is when you take a long boat down the river and either a driver or one of your friends pushes with a pole in the back. Now punting on a regular day can be a lovely experience, but since this is a day of pampering you need to go all out. First, go to the store and buy more champagne, bread, cheese, snacks, etc., then go and rent a private punt with a chauffeur. Hint, this is a good idea for two reasons, 1, it is ridiculously hard to drive/push one of the punts and 2, 90% of the punt chauffeurs are ridiculously attractive. Win win.

Cambridge punting and bridge image

Once you’re on the punt it is time to sit back, relax, eat, drink, and pray that it doesn’t rain.

girls sitting on the punt in cambridge image

Step Five

Final step in your day is to go for rooftop cocktails at The Varsity Hotel. At The Varsity you have 360 panoramic views of all of Cambridge and a lovely patio to enjoy them from. The drinks are also top quality and totally beautiful. For ultimate pampering, stick with the champagne theme and order one of their endless selection of champagne cocktails.

cocktails at The Varsity Hotel Cambridge image

Once you have your drink in hand you can lean back, look out over the city, and congratulate yourself on a day of pampering well spent.

How to Spend a Day of Proper Pampering in Cambridge

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