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How to Travel like the Bada** You Are

Tips to Take Control of Your Trips

Let’s be honest, traveling is hard. If you are a travel newbie, it can be extremely stressful and frustrating.  We’ve all seen them in the airport. Those fierce frequent fliers who strut through the airport dressed to the nines, in no hurry at all, with their perfectly packed leather tote swinging effortlessly from their shoulders and a coffee in hand.

I, however, can usually be found sitting on the floor rummaging through my bag looking for my wallet where hopefully my passport resides. Messy hair is everywhere; as are old receipts, miscellaneous articles of clothing I had to take out of my overweight checked bag, gum wrappers that I am frantically pulling out of my bag and piling up on the ground beside me.

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It has taken me quite a few sky miles to feel comfortable on the move, and I am still learning new tricks with every new adventure. Some may be obvious, some may not… but either way, here are some things I have learned from my travels that I want to share with you all. Just a few tips on how to de-stress your travel so you can become the prepared, collected travel bada** that you are.

Don’t Over Pack:

Duh. This is on just about every travel tip list that’s ever been put on the internet, but it is important, and my biggest issue by far. It is easy to justify because you want to be prepared, or as I like to say “have options”. But, trust me, it is so embarrassing to be that person holding up baggage check having to dig through your suitcase to remove items in order to avoid the overweight baggage fees. It’s even more embarrassing being that person waddling to their gate with seven extra things in their hands or layered on and an overstuffed carry on. Save yourself the stress. And the sweat. Only pack what you need. Believe me when I say nobody is going to notice if you wear the same shoes or jeans more than one time. Take it from someone who has on numerous occasions been that girl carrying way too much through the airport, it’s never fun.

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Be comfy:

I know it’s hard, but if you’re bringing that super cute new outfit and heeled shoes you just bought for your trip, save it for a night out. This may be another no brainer, but wearing something you are comfortable in when traveling can make a world of difference. It doesn’t matter if you are running from gate to gate to catch a flight, from train to train, even from bus to bus, running to catch your mode of transportation of choice can be rough, and blisters rain on everyone’s parade. Wear your most comfortable pair of kicks when traveling, then when it comes time to bring out the show stoppers, your feet will be prepped and ready, with no blisters in sight. The rest of your ensemble is just as vital, wearing your tightest pair of jeans and most form fitting top on an eight-hour flight will get old before they serve the in-flight meal. Plus, airplane climate is always unpredictable, and there is no telling what kind of weather awaits you on the other side of your trip, so I suggest layering up in your comfiest stuff so you are prepared for anything. Save yourself the trouble of a restless flight and achy feet on your adventure and be practical when dressing for your trip.

Get there early:

We’ve all been there, or I like to think we have. Late. Being late is the absolute worst when it comes to traveling. Being on time is another, if not the most vital factor when traveling. Allowing enough time to get where you’re going without being in a frantic sprint is just being good to yourself. Missing a flight, or the last train or bus to where you are going is the fastest way to ruin an adventure. So make sure you are planning ahead, taking all potential time sucks like a wrong turn or traffic in to consideration and get there in good time. Save yourself the heartache of having to drop two month’s rent on a changed flight fee and get to the airport early. Your bank account, your stress level, and your sanity will thank you later.

Bring the necessary entertainment:

Believe it or not, sitting on a flight or public transportation is not an action packed thrill ride through in through. Make sure you pack the necessities like head phones, a portable phone charger, something to play music on, a good book, anything to keep yourself occupied and comfortable. Head phones, apart from in-flight movies and music, can bring you some much needed silence on a noisy plane ride where all you want it a nap. Having your portable charger at hand eliminates the worry of your phone dying at a time that is just really, really not convenient, and can keep you in contact and up to date with travel companions and flight changes. Lastly, a book or magazine is pretty obvious, you don’t want to find yourself watching the minutes slowly pass while on your journey, so dive into a good read to keep yourself occupied. Getting antsy on your way is expected, you’re on your way to an exciting adventure after all, just make sure you are able to combat the ants in your pants with some things to keep you chilled out until you get there. carson sharp travel glasses stuff image

Be your own mom:

Moms are always prepared. They never forget band aids, a snack, staying hydrated, chap stick, or Tylenol. You never know what could happen when you travel, so on your next adventure, be your own mom and pack along that simple first aid kit, throw an apple or granola bar into your bag, fill up your water bottle, and keep a “just in case” medicine bag with you. Being prepared is never a bad thing, so take some notes from good ole mama and be ready for everything.

How to Travel Like the Bada** you are.


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