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How Travel Makes You Appreciate Home

Suddenly home doesn’t seem like such a bad place…


1) You appreciate a home cook meal from your mother after weeks of budgeting your money and trying not to spend too much on gourmet meals. (This is often after eating McDonalds one too many times in Europe because it’s the cheapest option).

2) After traveling through multiple cities in foreign countries and sleeping in different beds at hotels or hostels, your own bed when you get back home becomes SO much more comfortable.  You probably even dove face-first onto it the moment you got back to your old room. Love reunited.

3) Being away from home in unfamiliar places can become frustrating. Not knowing how to get around to certain places makes you appreciate and miss the familiarity and simpleness of your own home or college town.

4) Your car. Finally, you are back with your baby. No more scraping by on change to pay for a bus ticket. You can drive your own car. No more waiting on the train or metro schedule. You can do transportation on your own time now.

5) Nothing beats a big bear hug from your mom after stepping off that long flight home. No matter how old you are.

6) After going nonstop in hopes of fitting as much in as possible on your trip, the slowness and ability to sit back and relax in your home & share your travel experiences with loved ones is one of the best feelings.

7) Other people have it good, but so do you; honestly better than most. If you’re traveling to third world places you most likely are quick to learn this. You can see just how lucky you are to have had the childhood you did and the home you have.

8) Learning about other cultures and people is exceedingly important in today’s global world. You can learn to appreciate others, while also learning to appreciate your own culture and people more.

9) After living out of a suitcase, it’s nice to have your whole closet at your fingertips again. No more rewearing and restyling the same white t-shirt!! Mid-day outfit change? Why not? You’ve got endless options now.

10) Traveling away from loved ones increases your appreciation of them. You grow to miss them in your absence. While traveling is a remarkable experience, you can’t help but miss your people. Knowing you get to go home to them makes the going home part all the more easier.





Liz Domeck

Elon University | 11 stories

Cleveland born and raised. Living in the south while attending school in North Carolina working toward Strategic Communications and Public Health degrees. Has a love for Jesus Christ, all flavors of ice cream, elephants, and exploring new places. In her free time, she reads lots of books, frolics in random places, and spends time playing soccer. She's determined to fill her passport with stamps and to never stop learning.

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