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How Travel Makes You More Environmentally Conscious

Traveling to different countries shows one the way of life in different places of the world. Being able to see how others live and how different places in the world deal with their waste, recycling, transportation, wildlife, and resources can be life changing.

England, UK

England, UK

Learning From Others

Through travel one can learn about the different environmental issues each place is dealing with as well as what is being done to address those issues. For instance, in England, those who toss cigarette butts on the street face an £80 fine.

In Singapore gum is banned to avoid littering. Amsterdam has 2,480 miles of designated cycle paths for cyclists, which cuts down car use.

San Francisco has a 77% recycling rate.

Swiss citizens are charged 1 euro for every bag of trash they throw out.

Stockholm Central Station makes use of body heat, providing an office building next door with heating.

These are just a few of the many ways in which people all over the world are taking action to protect the environment. Travel allows us to get inspired by and pick up “green” tricks from different places and the people in them as well as share our own green tips.

Energy Tree in Bristol, UK Image

Energy Tree in Bristol, UK

Travel is the best way to learn about the environment and about different ecosystems that exist in our Earth. When traveling, you get to see different places’ flora, fauna and wildlife. It is important to respect the wildlife while visiting any place. For instance, touching lizards leaves oil from our hands which displaces the lizard from its regular habitat. Feeding seagulls at the beach affects their reproduction and interrupts their natural way of finding food. Wildlife can adapt to human presence over time and this is not good. We must maintain wildlife healthy and well, wild. Seeing different kinds of ecosystems in different places of the world will show you just how important it is to keep it clean and respect nature.

Wildlife in Brazil Image

Wildlife in Brazil

Getting Involved

Being aware of environmental issues is important but making a change is too. When traveling, you can make sure that local people benefit from your trip by spending money in locally owned businesses and by eating locally sourced food. Consider walking or cycling during your travel, not only will you see more of the places you visit this way but also you’ll be leaving a lighter footprint. You can also choose green hotels and tour companies. While at home, put into use the green tips you learn during your travels. Getting involved with activities that help the environment can be a great way to spend time with friends and family. There are plenty of ways to get involved and some activities might be so fun you’ll want to make it a hobby. If you don’t know of any in your area, plan your own!

Community Garden, Monterey Image

Community Garden, Monterey

The Bigger Picture

Traveling gives us a taste of the world. Seeing different countries, different people, different continents, and different cultures allows us to embrace the way locals live and the beauty of life in each place. It makes us embrace new horizons and overall, travel allows us to see the bigger picture. Visiting different countries and seeing the world from different perspectives can be most inspiring way to get us to take care of this planet we call home. The smallest actions can have huge impacts and any step toward helping the environment is just as important as the next.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Image

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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