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Where Sweet Tooth Foodies Should go While Abroad

The way I see it, no meal is complete without a little something sweet afterwards. After devouring amazing meals like these, obviously my desserts had huge expectations to fill. Luckily, the sweets I ate didn’t let me down…

Nutella Ice Bakery Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Nutella on your waffles, crepes, cookies, cupcakes, muffins and even in your hot chocolate?! Sign me up! In just 36 hours I accomplished coming here three times. Needless to say, the workers there recognized me by my last time and gave me an extra scoop of nutella ice cream on my nutella waffle topped with caramel sauce and whipped cream. Mission accomplished.


Fenocchio Nice, France

Not ashamed to admit that we went there almost every day while we were in Nice, this is THE place for ice cream enthusiasts. Located fairly close to the Prom. Des Anglais, Fenocchio delivers an abundance of flavors, ranging from your every day tastes of chocolate and strawberry to very unique ones such as cactus and rosemary. Go crazy!

Trdelniks Prague, Czech Republic

Originally created in a town right along the borders of the Czech Republic, these sweet cake-like pastries were seen on almost every street we passed in Prague. Popularly sold in markets, they are cooked on an open fire and then dipped in a sweet cinnamon sugar. When given the option to put Nutella in the middle, the answer should always be yes.


Giolitti Gelateria Rome, Italy

When in Rome, you obviously have to eat your body weight in gelato, and I did just that. Arriving in Rome just as there was a public transportation strike, my friend and I walked five miles just to find this place after reading rave reviews online, and proceeded to go there the following two days as well. I ordered the White Chocolate and Oreo flavor every time, and then got the Nutella flavor thrown in there once as well. The white fluffy cream they add on top is a magical addition to the burst of flavor you will be licking down. I highly recommend ordering several scoops in a cone.


Greek Loukoumades Santorini, Greece

I am a donut connoisseur. Glazed, sprinkles, blueberry, you name it, I love it. Given this fun fact, I was obviously enthused when I saw donut stand upon donut stand when I arrived in Greece. I later learned these were Greek Loukoumades, fried dough bathed in honey and then dipped in cinnamon sugar. What I would give to sink my teeth into the sweet, crisp, airy dough again….

Clearly satisfying my sweet tooth while abroad was not the hardest thing for me to do. I went to countless bakeries, icecream shops and markets, eating everything from bubblegum marzipan in Budapest to gammeldags in Copenhagen to cake in Barcelona and everything in between. Europe definitely supplied sugar, spice and everything a dessert-loving person could ask for!

Molly O'Connor

Southern Methodist University | 6 stories

Molly is a senior at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX majoring in Communication Studies. Bitten by the travel bug during her incredible semester abroad in Copenhagen, she's learning to both find adventure in her every day life and to look for an opportunity to discover something new daily! Lover of donuts, running, people, and of course, travel, she's excited to share her stories with the College Tourist community! To follow along with her adventures, follow her on Instagram @ _hot_tamolly_ and check out her blog,

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