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I Love My American College Campus.

There’s a lot to love about College in America. Students tell us what they love about their campus.

University of Delaware

Niki Kirschner Located in Newark, Delaware

  1. From the moment I stepped on UD’s campus five years ago for a tour I knew this was where I was going to be attending college. I visited a lot of campuses but UD was the only one that looked like a traditional college campus. Beautiful greens are lined with trees and brick buildings with white pillars.
  1. With 16,000 undergraduate students, UD is also the perfect size for me because there is always something going on! And because of our location being so close to Philadelphia and Washington DC, we attract a lot of big artists. For example, my freshman year, AWOLnation and Neon Trees performed for our spring concert and this past fall Ed Sheeran came! Our football games are also always packed with UD usually being in the top of the NCAA CAA Division.
  2. We also have a lot of famous alums… Governor Chris Christie, Vice President Joe Biden, Joe Flacco (quarterback for the Ravens), and most recently Elena Delle Donne who was the pride and joy of this University for the past four years. She was a star basketball player and let UD’s Women’s Basketball team to the Sweet 16 tournament last year for the first time in school history. Christie and Biden even came to some games! And she was drafted second overall in the WNBA and now plays professionally in Chicago.
  3. Another reason why I love my campus is because everyone that goes here has so much school spirit! Our award winning mascot YouDee as well as our cheerleaders just won first place at the 2014 Universal Cheerleaders Association College Mascot National Championship!
  4. Being a huge fan of social media, I got involved with a new program on campus that started a couple of years ago called the Social Media Ambassadors. The Social Media program at UD has been getting a lot of recognition recently from people from all over the country because of the large out reach we have been able to achieve. And that stems down to everyone working in the Office of Communication and Marketing for doing a phenomenal job at bring UD to everyone’s mind. There is nothing bad I can say about this university. From the students, to the faculty, to the stunning campus, UD is the perfect place for anyone to call home for their four years of college and I am extremely grateful that I get to go here and I will forever be a Fighting Blue Hen! But the real question is, Do You Dare To Be First?

Marist College

Caitlin McConnell Located in Poughkeepsie, New York

  1. Marist is only a 90 minute train ride away from New York City. This is great because it allows students to easily intern in the city during the semester. For example, I was able to intern at Seventeen Magazine and Karla Otto, a fashion public relations company, during my time here. Being able to intern at big name companies will really build your resume!
  2. My campus is located on the beautiful Hudson River and every spring there is a huge concert along the riverside. We have been able to have top performers such as Jason Derulo and Big Sean. It is always a perfect way to end the semester.
  3. My school is known for their Women’s Basketball team. These Marist Red Foxes with their red, black and white colors dominate the athletic events on campus and always pack the house for games. It is admirable to see how much school spirit happens during these games and how the students come together as one to offer support.
  4. Professors at Marist tend to challenge their students, which leads to a heavy workload, but our unique study spots help take the pressure off. An advantage of being right on the Hudson River allows students to enjoy the view and the breeze while studying. For example, their is a secluded area right outside of our notorious Hancock Center with tables and chairs where one can take in the riverfront view and still manage to finish their ten page paper.
  5. Marist College also has greek life. It is not as big as some schools in the south, but it is growing every year. I am a part of Kappa Kappa Gamma and it is one of the best decisions I have made while I have been here. Being a part of greek life on campus helps to meet a variety of friends from diverse backgrounds and it is always a plus to see smiling faces around campus that you are familiar with. Greek life also opens many opportunities to par- take in leadership positions and philanthropy events.

University of Dayton

Hannah Heine and Katie Christoff Located in Dayton Ohio

  1. Dayton is a quick drive to some insane shopping! The Cincinnati and Columbus Outlets and malls are quite a treat during the middle of gray winters like the one we are experiencing.
  2. I love the size of UD- At around 8,000 undergrad & grad students, my university is small enough to see lots of familiar faces, however I am still constantly meeting new people.  My class sizes are usually small enough that the professors know each student’s name, and this has provided me with a much better learning environment.
  3. UD is known and loved for its “community” feel. As cliché as it may sound, UD really is one big community that looks out for one another. [ Ex: It is a weird experience if the person walking into a building in front of me doesn’t hold the door open so that I can grab it behind them.]  Almost everyone lives on campus for all four years at UD. Even if you opt out of campus housing, chances are you’ll still be less than a five minute walk from campus. I love that everyone is in close proximity to each other, because it creates a tight-knit community among students and I am always within walking distance of my friends.
  4. I love the traditions at UD. My university is one of the top places to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and that has been passed down by the students for many many years. Students have a huge celebration each year, no matter what day of the week it falls on, and it’s so much fun to have that huge celebration in common with the entire student body.  We also have had an event called Christmas on Campus for the past 50 years where we bring grade-schoolers from the Dayton community to hang out with UD students for an evening of Christmas cheer on our winter wonderland of a campus!
  5. I love living in the “student neighborhood.” At UD, the school purchased the majority of the neighborhood that is essentially on campus and turned the homes into housing for juniors and seniors. Living in a comfy home and being surrounded by friends is a fun way to transition into being a “real” person and having a home to take care of and maintain. I love that we have the opportunity to live in houses during our time here, because it allows us to escape the confinements of dorm life after a while and gives an ample amount of living space. We can also cook our own meals and have “family” dinners with friends and roommates, and do many other things that post-graduate adults living in houses can do.
  6. Everyone else loves Dayton as much as I do! It sounds cliché, but I’ve never talked to a student that had one complaint about UD. The amount of pride we have for such a small university in Ohio is truly extraordinary, and definitely my favorite thing about going to UD.

Johnson & Wales University

Christian Buck Located in Charlotte, North Carolina

  1. Professional dress code to prepare us for careers (the only campus of the 4 with such)
  2. The building location is in the city and easily walkable but Charlotte is in a part of the country that is close to everything too. 4 hours to the beach, 2 hours to the mountains, within a day’s drive to other metropolitan cities (ie Atlanta, DC, Nashville, Charleston)
  3. Classes (unless culinary) run only Mon-Thurs to provide students the opportunity to study or work or further their career resume with volunteer experiences
  4. Our campus constantly has recruiters and guest speakers from current industry giants to provide us with information and opportunities and further our careers (the likes of Disney, and major sports leagues)
  5. When I arrived I immediately felt at home being surrounded by other like minded people (professors and students) who are passionate about the same industry, events and sports and entertainment. This really helps keep your fire going and enjoy school more.

Old Dominion University

Rarione Maniece Located in Norfolk Virginia

  1. ODU is just a 15/20 min drive away from the Virginia Beach.  This is perfect during the spring and summer seasons!  Students anxiously wait for the first warm day of the year to head down to the beach!
  2. The campus is a close nit family!  Although the campus has over 20,000 students we still manage to get to know as many people as we can.  The fact that …ODU has some many student organizations is one of the reasons we remain
  3. Homecoming is the best time at ODU.  A number of events take place all throughout the week leading up to the homecoming game.  It is always a great time for friends that have graduated to come back and visit and party just like college days.  Each year the school plans a great homecoming concert with some great artist such as J.Cole and Ke$ha!
  4. Students have some of the best classes to select from.  The university also offers a wide range of majors to accommodate the massive number at the university.  Most importantly the professors are great; each professor is always willing to assist students!
  5. When it comes to sports such as basketball and football ODU has the best school spirit.  During football season both students and alumni get together and tailgate in parking lots all throughout the campus!  Basketball season is not different students and fans pack out the arena!

Ohio University

Lindsey Zimmerman Located in Athens, Ohio

  1. The first thing I love about my school: the location. Because campus is only about an hour and a half away from my hometown, I get the best of both worlds: I’m far enough away from home that I can be independent, but close enough that I can still go home if need be. Athens itself is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the state, which makes it really easy to fall in love with this campus.
  2. OU offers something for everyone in the way of student organizations, and when you’ve found your niche, there’s no better feeling. I’m a proud member of my school’s chapter of PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) and can’t imagine being part of a better organization. We have over 70 dues-paying members in our PRSSA chapter, but everyone is so welcoming and friendly – walking into a meeting, you get the feeling that you can sit next to just about anyone and strike up a conversation, even if you don’t know them. Another organization I’m in is our student-run PR firm, ImPRessions. Being an account associate with ImPRessions is a truly unique experience that has given me the chance to gain real-world experience in my major by doing work for actual clients.
  3. A third thing that I love about my school is the campus atmosphere. Having come from a suburb in a fairly large metro area, I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure what it would be like to live and go to school in a more isolated, rural area. In reality, I had nothing to worry about – there’s always something going on in Athens. Our uptown district, which is in walking distance from campus, is packed with awesome restaurants and unique local stores. On nice autumn days, it’s not unusual to hear the Marching 110 – our beyond talented marching band – practicing their next crowd-dazzling hit in Peden Stadium. Maybe it’s the idyllic location in the hills, but there always seems to be a feeling of magic in the air in Athens.
  4. Up until I started college, I never would have imagined myself putting this next point on a list like this, but the fourth thing I love about OU is the sports culture. Our teams are exciting to watch and most have a winning record, but sports aren’t everything here – and that makes it refreshing. It’s easy to casually enjoy games without feeling like the athletic culture is constantly being shoved in your face. It’s the perfect happy medium: sports are important, but they aren’t everything. For me, going to football and hockey games with my friends is the perfect way to spend a weekend night.
  5. Last but not least, I love my school because of the bright future I see ahead of me due to the opportunities I’ve had here. My major falls under the umbrella of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, which is one of the top 5 programs in the nation. Famous Scripps “J-school” alumni include TODAY Show anchor Matt Lauer, Sports Illustrated writer Peter King, CNN correspondent Martin Savidge, a plethora of Pultizer winners – and that’s just the beginning. As a current student, I’ve already had so many amazing opportunities and experiences in my field of study that are beyond my wildest dreams. I have nothing but confidence in my future, and it’s all thanks to Ohio University. I couldn’t be more proud to be a Bobcat. OU Oh Yeah!

University of California, Irvine

Molly Greathouse Located in Irvine California

  1. Even though Irvine is not a flashy Californian city like Los Angeles or San Francisco, UC Irvine is the perfect school for me because of its blend between commercial center and student Mecca.
  2. Irvine itself is situated about 15 minutes inland from the Pacific Ocean, and while the city confines are all owned by the mysterious and all powerful Irvine Company (not kidding), the surrounding areas like Costa Mesa, Santa Ana and Newport Beach provide the release much needed after putting in 20 hours at work and 20 more at school.
  3. On the actual UC Irvine campus, I am involved with TEDxUCIrvine and Delta Sigma Pi, a professional business fraternity, which are only two of the hundreds of clubs (not including Greek life) that are all over the UC Irvine community. Personally, both TEDxUCIrvine and Delta Sigma Pi have been major parts of my college life, and I am proud to have been extremely involved in both organizations during my time at UC Irvine.
  4. Another thing I love about my campus is the fact that organized sports are not that big around campus; we do have very good sports teams (especially with basketball), but without a football team, the university can spend more our their money on their students rather than primarily on athletic equipment.
  5. Since I am about to graduate, I can finally reveal where I go to zone out while on campus: the Zen Garden. Since approximately 51% of UC Irvine’s student population is of Asian decent, there is a great deal of Asian influence on the campus, the best of which is the Zen Garden. Guarded by ancient Chinese deities, any student can bask in the sunlight and reflect on his or her day. I love UC Irvine, and am proud to be an Anteater!

Iowa State University

Morgan Juraco Located in Ames, Iowa

  1. There are so many things I love about my school. I transferred to Iowa State my sophomore year of college, and while some transfer students don’t take as much pride in their school as other students, the experience has only made me value  my university more.
  2. One thing I really love about ISU are the people. Students or faculty, most people on campus are genuinely nice. It took leaving the Midwest for me to really appreciate this.
  3. Another thing that makes Iowa State special is how much pride students, fans, and supporters have in their school and also their athletic teams. There are few things like the atmosphere in Ames on a game day. We may not always win, but rain, shine, or snow, stadiums will be packed!
  4. ISU is also one of the prettiest campuses I’ve ever stepped foot on. As someone who hates snow and winter, I can still appreciate how beautiful Iowa State is, no matter the season.
  5. The campus also feels like home to me, and I can walk into any building and find a quiet place to relax or study. The opportunities Iowa State has given me are beyond what I imagined. In the past year and a half I’ve become a very motivated and involved student in several ways: volunteering, working multiple jobs, joining a sorority, studying abroad to name a few. If it wasn’t for the confidence I’d gained by attending ISU, I doubt this would be true. Transferring to Iowa State was the best decision I ever made and I’m proud to be a Cyclone!

University of Alabama

Sarah Dougherty, Located in Tuscaloosa Alabama


University of Alabama bowl game

  1. Our fall consists of UA’s most beloved traditions: Football Season. I have come to understand and truly appreciate the excitement that is SEC College Football GameDay. I also love the overall sense of community across campus- whether in class, hanging out on the Quad, or cheering on a sports team, I’m surrounded by friendly people who all love being here.
  2. The focus on service across the organizations and Greek houses on campus is also contagious! I also love the area around campus.
  3. Between the riverwalk behind my dorm and our fun downtown, It’s a perfect mix of small-town and college-town (and our easy access to Birmingham, Atlanta and Nashville isn’t so bad, either!) I love that I’ve been able to visit my sister in Atlanta more than ever!
  4. Another reason I love UA is my coursework! My Spanish and PR professors are so passionate about what they do and have really made my first year here a smooth transition.
  5. My final reason in my love letter to UA is that it serves as a 4-year home to such a variety of people. The school is 60% out-of-state students, and the combinations of backgrounds and traditions are diverse. I’ve learned more about southern, midwestern, and west-coast culture than I ever thought I would, and love having that combination of personalities all across campus! I love the environment and way of life here, and can’t imagine being anywhere else! Roll Tide!

Syracuse University

Emma White Located in Syracuse, New York

  1. Syracuse, especially this time of year is known for tow things: basketball and snow. Syracuse is consistently named the snowiest city in the US and the top snowiest college campus’, beating out even the University of Alaska!
  2. Another reason I love Syracuse is for the sports. This time of year is all about basketball. We are ranked #1 and when a big game rolls around the Carrier Dome shakes from all the people and excitement inside.
  3. Another reason I love Syracuse is all of the student initiatives that go on here. Not only do we have a fully student run coffee shop but people are always taking advantage of new opportunities in and around campus.
  4. My sorority, Delta Delta Delta, is a huge part of my daily campus life and a huge reason why I love being at Syracuse so much. By being in a sorority there is always something to do and never a dull moment.
  5. For me, the final reason why I love Syracuse is because both my mom and grandfather also attended. I love that we all have that in common and I am continuing on the tradition. I love Syracuse and the thought of graduation just makes me want to plan for alumni weekend. Go Orange!

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