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In Depth: German Food

Here’s a run down of incredible food to try when visiting Germany

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Before this trip to Germany, I had thought of German food as pretzels and schnitzel, but I was so pleasantly surprised with how good all of the German food I tried was! I wasn’t disappointed by a single meal and definitely would come back to Germany to try more of the delicious desserts. Here’s a run down of incredible food to try when visiting Germany

Hacker-Pschorr beer

This was the first German beer I’ve tried, and fittingly I tried it at Oktoberfest. I don’t generally like the taste of beer, but after a few sips, I actually enjoyed this and can definitely see why it’s considered high quality.

Brez’n mit käse

Pretzel with cheese = two good things put together. Enough said.


This grilled chicken was cooked very well and is an Oktoberfest staple, perfect to pair with potatoes or Käsespätzle alongside a beer.


Essentially German mac and cheese, this turned out to be my favorite dish that we tried during our time in Germany.

Something-wurst (of any kind)

There are so many types of sausages available in Germany, you really can’t go wrong with trying any of the –wursts. Served with cold potatoes salad as a side, they’re way better than any sausage or hot dogs in the states.

Brezel mit zuker

The sugary, sweet cousin of brez’n mit käse. Perfect to balance out a hearty, savory meal with something sweet.


Aka chimney cakes, these pillars of dough filled with Nutella and topped with coconut and brown sugar was definitely the dessert highlight of the day at Oktoberfest.


Half lemonade, half beer – I tried it with Löwenbräu beer and I found that I liked it much more than normal beer since it’s lighter and sweeter.


Similar to any -wurst, these were served with cold potato salad and were pretty flavorful, especially when topped with the sauce that is often served with it.


These German potato dumplings served with sauerkraut are really delicious – I saw the words ‘potato dumplings’ and my mind imagined something like Polish pirogies, but these were different and good in their own unique way.


This  meat dish is usually pork, usually thinned via pounding with a meat tenderizer and fried. Served with potatoes, it’s really good and tops an American-style pork chop any day.


Mini munchkin size pastries covered in toppings like coconut with a thick, nutty texture on the inside.


Basically a cut-up bratwurst served with curry ketchup and french fries – really popular and a great lunch to have on the go while sightseeing.


Pictured on the right in the picture below, these balls of dough are made from batter blended with Quark, a yogurt-like fresh cheese, then deep fried. They have a moist and milky flavor that makes it evident that there’s cheese in the recipe and are a great dessert or snack.


Pictured on the left in the picture above, these little German donuts translate to “lard cake” but are made with lemon and vanilla flavored dough that’s fried, for a consistency similar to zeppoles or any other type of fried dough.


This fluffy dough dumpling filled with plum jam and served with cherries and vanilla sauce is really unique and was a favorite among my friends.

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These chocolate dough balls are infused with a hint of rum and covered in chocolate sugar. These definitely had the most flavor out of the fried dough items I tried.


Typically a Hungarian dish, Goulash is popular in Germany and is a meat stew with vegetables, seasoned with paprika and other spices. It tasted like any normal meat stew to me, but I enjoyed it as a meal.

Pork knuckle

This dish – literally the “knuckle” of a pig from between its leg and its foot – was pretty much as weird as it sounds and looks – it had the taste of bacon bus the consistency of fat.


Although a Turkish dish, Döner is popular in Berlin and it can be served as a kebab, like a gyro in a pita, or in a thin flatbread called a dürüm, which is what I tried. The lamb meat gets cut off from a rotating spit right in front of you at most good döner spots. It’s served with a sauce that is absolutely amazing.

With our döner – which was larger than our faces

Butter pretzel

You would think these are just pretzeled that are buttered… but no – these are pretzels with butter inside themIndescribably good.

Butter pretzels and other German breads and pastries

German food was so good that I would honestly come back to Germany just to get more of the authentic food… now I guess in the meantime, I’ll be seeking out some German restaurants when I get back to NYC!

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