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In Search Of The Perfect Pint In Dublin?

Grab a pint everyday of the week in Dublin with this handy beer guide.

It’s no secret that the Irish love nothing more than a good session, a perfectly pulled pint and having the craic. So I’m here to tell you how to experience all that Dublin Night life has to offer.

Thank F*ck it’s Monday at Diceys Garden.

At Diceys, you can beat the Monday blues with €2 pints of Kopperberg, Bulmers, Heineken, Coors Light and many other beers, ciders and alco pops, from 4pm onwards. We love to head into town at 6pm, start the pre drinking early, and save money with this unreal drinks promotion.

When 11 O’Clock rolls around, the nightclub heats up as students and tourists alike flood in, and the music is turned up.

It closes rather early at 2am, but at Diceys, you’re there for a good time, not a long time.


Everleigh Gardens, Palace Nightclub and D2 entertain the student body on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night respectively, and all offer popular tunes, 3 Jager bombs for €10 and a €7/€8 entry charge.

But a top tip from an insider: Download the app InForFree from the apple store to gain a guest list (free entry) or cheap list (5er entry) pass, which are valid until 11pm!


Experiencing the madness  of Coppers is a right of passage for every Irish student, and for you too! Head here any night of the week to meet the GAA loving, mad craic, stereotypical Irish!  It’s a 5er entry, and dancing is mandatory!

Note: It’s a 21 and over pub, except for Tuesdays when they lower the age to 19…This keeps the young ones at bay.

The Temple Bar

For more than 160 years, patrons have flocked to The Temple Bar for the perfect pint. This little pub has become a tourist attraction, causing the idyllic cobblestone district it is located in to be christened  “Temple Bar.”

When exploring Dublin, a pint of Guinness in The Temple Bar while listening to some live traditional music is a must!



The Cure

After your mad night out on the town, you’re probably going to wake up feeling pretty mouldy, but there’s nothing better to cure your groggy mind than the Hair of the Dog.

Irish students rely on day sessions to survive, so grab some cans, some mates, and feel the hangover fade away.


“Are you on the beer yet?”

When you head out with good friends, you’re bound to have the craic… But being in Dublin certainly helps!

Sadhbh Clancy

Trinity College Dublin | 2 stories

A 20 year old Irish Student from Trinity College Dublin, suffering from an ongoing case of Wanderlust, and a never ending desire to see it all. To keep up with my aventures, follow me on instagram @sadhbhclancy #chooseyourownadventure

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