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20 Things for Students to Do, Eat and See in Fargo ND/Moorhead MN

Downtown Fargo
Many people are unaware of the amazing finds that are nestled in downtown Fargo. There are a ton of little shops catering to every whimsical purchase you desire. Although I’m not a huge window shopper, many of my friends love to head downtown Saturday afternoons to enjoy the sidewalk sales.

Fargo Force
Whenever I travel, I always ask people what the biggest stereotype is behind Minnesota— the number one answer, hockey. The Fargo Force is an amateur hockey team, mainly made up of high school and college-aged players. People young and old enjoy heading to a Force game to see a good smack down and a fun-filled time. Tickets are cheap and there is no shortage of entertainment.

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West Acres Mall
Sometimes, all it takes to make a city great is a good mall. West Acres is the biggest mall in the area and provides the best stores. Name a store and it is probably in the mall; if not, it’ll likely be on the same block. It’s easily accessible, clean and has a fun atmosphere. Plus, they have a mean food court, which is always a make-it-or-break-it deal in my book.

Fargo Air Museum
Whether or not you enjoy flying, the Fargo Air Museum has some of the coolest planes you’ll ever see. It is the perfect dichotomy of education and fun, and has a unique allure that brings in people of all ages. The Fargo Air Museum even has flight simulators that’ll make your stomach drop. I’m not a huge museum fan, but this is one I’ve been to (by choice!) multiple times.

College sporting events
Because we have three colleges in the area, sporting events are a big deal for our community. Regardless of whether you’re a dragon, a cobber, or a bison, there are always sporting events going on. Each school has their sports that are most popular, and each guarantees a good time for its fans. Most notably, the NDSU Bison football team are back-to-back national champions, so people flock from miles away to see them dominate in the Fargodome.

Studio 222
The Fargo-Moorhead area has a fantastic music scene. A lot of underground bands surface here so there is a wide selection of musical events. Studio 222 is a well-known venue that a lot of college students perform at as well as frequent. It is nice to have a place that doesn’t restrict people from enjoying its melodies just because of age.

Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
This one can speak for itself. It is always entertaining to see crazy derby girls beat each other down. They guarantee that you’ll have a good time.

Minnesota and North Dakota get a bad rep for being flat and boring (which is kind of true). However, there is no shortage of beautiful parks for people to enjoy the warm weather. I love rollerblading by the Red River with my two best friends. You’ll see students, families, and kids enjoying the wonderful summer days at any of the great parks; mainly, people enjoying the few months of summer we actually have. Because of the hipster population, long boarding is a popular pastime.

The Bubble

Since it seems to be winter nine months of the year up north, the Sports Bubble is a nice getaway when you’re looking to perfect your putt. Its name explains it all: a giant bubble that enables people of all ages to come practice their golf swing. A lot of athletes utilize it as an indoor gym for intramural games of football and softball.

The Trifecta
I’m not kidding, it doesn’t get much better than this. A few blocks away from MSUM and Concordia is a strip of businesses that I spend all my time at: Starbucks, Tutti Frutti and Qdoba. You can shack up in Starbucks to study for midterms, pop over to Qdoba for a study break burrito, then reward yourself with frozen yogurt. Every college kid in the area visits the Trifecta at least once a week. Talk about your freshmen 15.

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Fargo Marathon
Because North Dakotans are very spread out amongst its vast fields, it’s rare to see crowds by the thousands; the Fargo marathon is one place to experience that famous Midwestern camaraderie. Held every May, it is a huge event that people train all year to be in. Whether you’re just doing a 5K or the entire 26 miles, you get to travel around the town, being constantly cheered on by smiling faces.

Celebrity Walk of Fame
That’s right, Hollywood isn’t the only place that has a star-studded walkway. The Fargo Welcome Center features over 100 hand and footprints of people who have stopped by the FM community, including people like Bob Dylan and Bill Gates. It is one of the coolest secrets to Fargo, you have to check it out.

Thunder Road
Mini golf, batting cages, go-karts, bumper cars, and laser tag… what more do you need? My friends and I rely on Thunder Road to let loose after an intense week of classes. Reasonably priced, it is a great way to set back the clock and be kids again.

Snow Adventures
We often complain about the perpetual snowfall, but when it comes down to it, snow can provide some of the most fun people have. Skiing, hockey, ice fishing, snowmobiling, ice skating, curling, sledding – there is always something to do. If you’re coming from a warm state, I recommend walking on a frozen lake; your first time looking down at what should be a lake is exhilarating.

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The Fargodome is the biggest venue in the area, which means it has the best events around. All the major musicians who stop by are featured there, making for some great concerts—I’m seeing Taylor Swift there in September and I am literally counting down the days. Aside from music, there are family attractions all the time. My personal favorite is the circus that comes every spring. Like I mentioned before, NDSU football plays there, which is the main attraction in the fall.

Frozen yogurt
I don’t know if it’s just a Midwest thing, but we have seen a surge in frozen yogurt shops. I’m talking almost a dozen different selections, each of which are always busy with happy customers. You’d think in wintertime we would prefer a warm food over frozen yogurt, but the cold only increases the hankering. It also helps that it’s a serve-yourself topping bar; you can’t get much better than that.

Redhawks Baseball
The Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks is a minor league baseball team that is very popular in the area. Newman Field is always packed with baseball fans in the summertime. One of the best parts of the games is always Redhawk, the crazy mascot who is always portrayed by a college student. It’s a fun family affair but is also something a lot of college kids do to soak in the sun.

Fargo Theatre
While some people only see the newest releases in our three major movie theaters, the Fargo Theatre provides a more classic overall viewing experience. Run by art patrons in the community, the Fargo Theatre is an old-school theater that houses unique film screening, fun events and performances ranging from musicals to Tracy Morgan. Located downtown, the Fargo Theatre is a legend in this community; its sign being the most recognizable for the town.

Red River Zoo
Who doesn’t love pandas? It’s surprisingly cool how many animals can survive up North, what with our harsh temperatures and year-round snowfall. Many college students rely on seeing the hundreds of baby animals to brighten their moods after a rough week of classes. The Red River Zoo is even represented by my university’s public relations club.

Volunteer work
Once you get into college, volunteering has less of an appeal since you’re no longer trying to impress admissions counselors. However, college students in the area turn to volunteering as a way to give back to a community that treats us well. Every year the Red River floods, giving college students an opportunity to help prepare for the potential damage. This involves putting sandbags outside of houses and buildings. In fact, “sandbag central” is the biggest college volunteer service in America. Plus it’s a good workout.


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