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Local Eats During My Abroad Endeavors

Photo essay of  food culture on study abroad.

By Alice Kim, Syracuse University.

While studying abroad in Madrid, I was able to explore several countries across Europe and Africa. With each city I visited came new people, culture, and food that I’ve never seen and experienced before. One of the best parts while visiting each country had to be the food. Although I am a vegetarian, pescetarian to be more specific, I was still able to enjoy meatless yet delicious foods during my travels. Here is a food diary of some of the local eats I wish I packed with me back to the States.

1) Amsterdam

 apple cinnamon crepes with dollops of whipped cream study abroad image

These are apple cinnamon crepes served with chocolate and caramel dips and dollops of whipped cream!


This croissant from a local bakery in Amsterdam student travel image

Cheesecakes, tarts, meringues, croissants, you name it, the local bakeries in Amsterdam will bake it fresh.


Cheese lovers unite Amsterdam student travel image

Cheese lovers, unite! Every store offers samples where you can taste unique kinds of cheese like a pesto infused one!


 raw herring Amsterdam study abroad image

I tried Amsterdam’s famous raw herring at Frens Haringhandel, a packed, small outdoor booth. It may not be everyone’s liking but raw herring is an Amsterdam delicacy!

2) London

 The Lahore Kebab House live like a local image

If you order curry at The Lahore Kebab House, a biriyani rice dish accompanies your meal. Order the nan bread, it’s delicious and so cheap!


High tea at Kensington Gardens was quaint and posh live like a local image

High tea at Kensington Gardens was quaint, posh, and of course, delicious.


3) Morocco

The lamb and beef kefta kebabs are spiced with cumin, paprika, and fresh mint image

The lamb and beef kefta kebabs are spiced with cumin, paprika, and fresh mint!


Couscous and a special bread dipping sauce study abroad image

Here’s the vegetable couscous and a Moroccan dipping sauce known as taktouka made with fresh tomatoes, peppers, and Moroccan spices. The local restaurants are the best because they serve you endless stacks of khobz, thin Moroccan bread.


Morocco's premium Casablanca beer study abroad image

Morocco’s premium Casablanca was light and sweet. I was able to try the classic beer in Tangier, a city in northern Morocco.

4) Spain

Fresh salmon and a glass of sangria in Barcelona student travel image

Fresh salmon and a glass of sangria in Barcelona, can’t get any better than that!


Paella made with chicken, pork, vegetables, and seafood.Barcelona study abroad image

Paella can be made with beef,chicken, pork, vegetables, and seafood. This one here is the seafood paella from Barcelona!


The seafood paella from Granada, Spain study abroad image

The vegetable paella from Granada, Spain!


Falafel kebab was only 4.50 euros with a side of arroz study abroad image

Kebab houses are quite popular in Madrid. This falafel kebab from a local restaurant was only 4.50 euros and you can choose a side of rice or salad!


The catch of the day served with a side of patatas fish student travel imge

The catch of the day topped with a spanish tomato sauce served with a side of patatas!


Sangria, Spain's stable drink. study abroad image

Sangria at Spanish restaurants use all sorts of fresh fruit but they usually use oranges, lemons, and apples. The stable drink can be served by the glass or in a pitcher that you can share with around 3-4 people. It can come in red or white and if you find a pitcher for under 10 euros, you got yourself a bargain!

5) Portugal

 fresh cod in the arroz de marisco dish from Lisbon portugal student travel image

Portugal is a big fishing industry so traditional dishes include a lot of fish and seafood. This dish is from Lisbon and it’s known as arroz de marisco. Rice is mixed with cod and mussels similar to the Spanish seafood paella but it’s a bit more soupier.


 fish n chips from Cascais, Portugal was the local codfish live like a local image

The fish in the fish n chips from Cascais, Portugal was the local codfish!


Alice Kim

Syracuse University | 2 stories

Alice is obsessed with dogs, traveling, and Moroccan food. You can often find her attending rad concerts especially if they're outdoors. This past spring, she studied abroad in Madrid where she was able to immerse herself in rich Spanish history and culture. She is often seen laughing, smiling, and enjoying life as it comes.

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