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London Guide for Students From A Lost Londoner.

Guest Post by The Lost Londoner: Have no fear! The Lost Londoner’s here to help you get around her favorite city.

South Bank London

So you’ve made the decision to come and study in the beautiful bustling city known as London. The thought of it is exciting as it is terrifying; experiencing life in a new city that perhaps you’ve never even been to. You have no idea how you’ll make friends, figure out the crazy rainbow tube map or how you’ll avoid being pooped on by Europe’s largest pigeon population.

Let me put your mind at ease by telling you now that it’ll all be fine. London is overflowing with students.. Honestly I can’t even leave my block without bumping into one – You lot are everywhere! So just know you aren’t alone in London.

I never made it as a student. My drinking/studying ratio was way too unbalanced and after ‘My best friends hamster died’ I really had run out of excuses to skip class for a hangover day. I had no chance.

I am however a student of London and I’ve studied the streets and nightlife for years, so here is my perfect guide to London for students


You might already have this all figured out. But if you haven’t there’s only one place for students in London and that’s the East End. I swear there must be more students than workers and you can’t walk two meters without passing free galleries, vintage clothes shops or hip dusty basement bars running student nights 7 days a week, filled with hedonistic teens discussing the meaning of life. If you posses an ounce of creativity and see a deeper meaning in the floating bag scene in American Beauty then there is no other place for you.

Recommended Neighborhoods:


Old street



Hackney (Fields/Wick)

Camden (North London)


Queen of Hoxton is the ultimate student social club. There is never a dull moment with endless entertainment on offer every night of the week. Before now I’ve joined in on origami lessons, quiz nights, ukulele jam sessions & drunken monster drawing. During the winter students can enjoy the rooftop BBQ in the heated wigwam and roast a couple marshmallows on the fire. Summer see’s the terrace turned into a summer solace.

If none of that appeals then maybe the photo booth, foosball or ping pong tables will spark your interest!

Queen of Hoxton

Proud Camden What’s cooler than drinking in a grade II listed horse hospital which houses stripper poles (minus the strippers), karaoke, live band performances and a hot tub?! There’s no better place to be in the summer than kicking back on Proud’s outdoor terrace whilst being serenaded by up-and-coming indie artists. Keep an eye on the website for upcoming student nights.

G-A-Y bar No matter your sexuality you are guaranteed to have a fabtastic time in any G-A-Y venue. They have a large selection of £1.70 drinks & £2 pints Sun-Thurs which is the cheapest I’ve managed to find in the heart of London so far. Split across three floors (women only downstairs) this is a venue where you can sing along to every song in the Charts and throw some shapes to the old cheesy classics. Entertainment is provided by those that are blind drunk at 3pm and busting out the worst dance moves you’ve ever seen.


Cafe 1001 Do you shop for vintage clothes? Do you like working on your Macbook all day in Bohemian cafes? Did you ever live in a squat? If the answer is yes to any of those questions then you’ll find like minded people in Cafe 1001. My favourite place in London by far and the most epic Cafe I’ve ever discovered. An amazing place to chill for the day on sofas so comfy they almost eat you up. DJ’s and pianists provide the background music until the giant club room opens in the evening. I’ve consumed many a latte and written many a blog post at 1001. (PS I don’t wear vintage clothes, like boho cafes and I’ve never lived in a squat – and I still love it!)

cafe 1001

Look Mum No Hands! Of course you’ll be riding a bike because you’re a broke student, but navigating the deadly roads of London can be a nerve-wracking game. When it all gets a bit much Look Mum No Hands! invites it’s customers to park up and enjoy a bit of tea and cake. These guys are bike experts and even have an in house repair station. Plenty of power sockets to plug in that Macbook.

london cafe


Bus Checker I don’t know how people survive without this app, I really don’t. When you’ve decided riding bikes is too deadly, download this app to see when your next bus is due. It’ll save a lot of waiting out in the cold cruddy English weather waiting for the next one to come along. Also a great way to figure out how to get around.

City Mapper Will help you navigate the transport system like a pro. Simply tap in where you are and where you want to be and choose from tons of different routes.

Time Out London I literally just played around with the ‘Inspire me’ option and discovered 5 different places I haven’t been to yet. This app and my ‘Alternative London Guide‘ will be all you need to plan your weekends off.


Katie Avatar Londoner Kate is the creator and editor of travel blog The Lost Londoner. Written from a personal and humorous point of view, reviewing anything from bizarre Restaurants and Cafes to unusual Events in the city and beyond. The Lost Londoner is the ultimate guide to alternative London. Follow her via Twitter or Instagram.

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