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London Guide: For the Trendy

Quintessential quests for the invariably trendy. [photo essay]

London equals the posh version of New York City. Cleaner sidewalks, sexy accents and of course, the trendiest people. After living in London for sixth months, I discovered some of the most coveted activities. In London the British even breath in style so here I present to you some of the trendiest things to do while visiting London.



Trendy Exhibit

You really have no excuse not to visit an exhibit while in London because there is a new one every week. Fashion photographer Allen Jones to Alexander McQueen, there are always exhibits to check out while in London. Not only are you being trendy for going, but also they can be culturally stimulating. You’re getting a good Instagram picture and worldly information – a win-win.

Duck and Waffle Egg image London

 Borough Market

Visiting exhibits can often work up an appetite. Head to Borough Market to try the latest concoction of truffle oil, quinoa burgers and cookies that are often larger than your head. This market is the number one food stop in London curating a food for only the trendiest taste buds.

Sketch high tea image london

Sketch Tea

Prepare to be transported into a Lady Gaga music video as you make reservations at Sketch Tea. Feel pretty in pink as you sip tea against blush tones of the main room or nibble your scones in grandmother’s living room. I’m not going to ruin the surprise here, but going to the bathroom might be your favorite afternoon tea-time experience.

Kensington Palace London image

Kensington Palace

A step below Buckingham Palace which makes it all the more mod. Visit the place where Kate and William snuggle in bed every night together. You won’t be able to see the royal bedroom but you can frolic the royal gardens and get high tea inside the palace. If you’re lucky, you might get a glimpse of the prince and princess as their helicopter lands inside the premises.


London fashion week image

 London Fashion Week

London is one of the fashion capitals of the world, making their fashion week the trendiest yet. Need I say more?

Hagen Daz Café

Ice cream has been served . . . in Style. London’s Hagen Daz café treats their customers like ice cream queens. As you sit down, be prepared to taste test their newest flavor while flipping through their expansive menu. Choose from waffles, brownies, macaroons and more.

Electric Cinema

Wine, cashmere blankets and a movie? Sounds like the perfect date night to me. The electric cinema treats their guests like royalty. With a bar in the background and comfy, red velour chairs to relax in, you will never look at a movie theatre the same again.

Electric image london

Duck and Waffle

Located on the 40th floor of one of London’s few skyscrapers, you will not get a better view, or food, anywhere else. Famous for their delicious Duck and Waffle plate, everything you order will be Instagrammable. (featured image)

Pop Ups

A new fad I’m crazy about: London pop ups. A pop up is a business idea that appears suddenly for about a month. You have to keep your eyes out for these suckers because they will actually be gone in a blink of an eye. They can be anything from doughnut shops to late night cocktails lounges. My friends and I attended Benefit’s roller lounge, a beauty parlor turned nightclub. Pop Ups get trendier by the minute.

London image

In London, you don’t have to salivate over tantalizing trends, the Brits enjoy Trendy places on a day-to-day basis. This city reveres regality so when visiting London why would you live a lifestyle Princess Kate and Baby George wouldn’t live?


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