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London in 2 Days

It’s possible to see everything

It is fair to say that not getting rest after an 8 hour flight and a 6 hour jump into time is not the best idea. But, the high of landing in a different country makes you fight the need to sleep. Two days means you have to switch into high gear in order to take in all of the attractions and eat all the food you want to try. Being in London will fill you with so much enthusiasm as you start your journey.


A view from the London Eye


Harrods: Prepare yourself. This store is Macy’s times a billion. Even if you don’t buy anything (though the notebooks in the gift shop are adorable) walking around and people watching is an experience within itself! There are restaurants, chocolatiers and ice cream shops all around this store! There are areas that have maps. Grab one! These will help you guide your way through the make up, designer clothing and home furniture worthy of a castle. When you have become absolutely overwhelmed by this fantasyland, stop by the ice cream parlor outside of the gift shop. The ice cream is 22 euros and ridiculously big. Split it with a friend and regain your energy!

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Zara: A common shop found all across Europe is Zara. This store holds clothing up to XL (in some pieces) and is everything you’ve ever wanted. While there are locations in the United States, the brand is far more popular in the UK/ European region. Any piece you forgot to pack can be found in these stores.


Before you go on your trip, search online to find a tour that includes all the major sites. One website that came in handy allowed us to visit many attractions. During this all day tour, we were able to go to St. Paul’s Cathedral, the changing of the guards, the Tower of London, a riverboat tour on the Thames and the London Eye. With the right ticket package deal, it’s possible to see most of the attractions in London. While it is useful, it is not necessary to have a tour guide to venture from site to site.


The guards outside the Crown Jewels

Tower of London: At the Tower of London, you can see the Crown Jewels, dungeons and Beefeaters (guards). The grounds are beautiful and full of history. Learning snippets of the monarchy’s history is fascinating, especially the gossip that every local knows!

The London Eye is a view you will keep referencing! It’s about a 30-minute ride from bottom to top to bottom again. The views you photograph will be some of the best pictures of your trip. The carriage is completely enclosed, so those of faint heart, do not fret! The massive structure will give you a perfect view of sites like Big Ben. As the structure guides you to the top, it’s hard not to think you are Queen/ King of the world!


Fish and chips are a must! Get salt and vinegar on your fries and then dip them in a combination of ketchup and mayo! Another shock: Burgers are trending in Europe right now! That means the food doesn’t’ have to be a culture shock if you don’t want it to be!

Nando’s: Maybe you’ve heard Niall Horan claim this to be his favorite restaurant. Or maybe you’ve seen British YouTubers frequent this chicken joint. Either way, Nando’s is not a place to pass up. The chicken has that juicy taste you’ve been craving. Have it rolled in a sauce (mild, mango lime, etc.) to really enhance the experience. As any local will tell you, spring for the peri peri chips!

What to Wear

London is typically cold and rainy. However sometimes you get lucky and can catch a sunny, May day in the UK. Whatever the weather calls for, make sure to have a cardigan and umbrella handy! You won’t regret it!


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