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Making New Friends, A Guide to Improving Your Social Life

Hint: Release some endorphins and laugh a little.

By Deanna Phouthavone, San Diego State University
College Tourist Ambassador

It’s Friday night and you’re feeling a little blue?  Your friends are all busy and you’re home alone with nothing to do? Or if you’re simply new to an area and you don’t know anyone, don’t be alarmed, there’s a cure! Here are some tips on how to be more social and make new friends. I’m not talking about friend requesting random people on Facebook. Even though we live in a world where technology makes online shopping, dating, and even earning your degree possible with one touch of a button, it doesn’t exactly scream: “Last Friday night was so much fun!”  This is the real deal, face-to-face interaction that cannot be experienced online.


Swap numbers and notes. Making new friends in class is always a positive; just don’t get in trouble for talking while the professor is lecturing.

2.Get Active!

Parks & Recreation

Join a sports league! Parks usually offer rec classes and leagues. What better way to burn some calories and meet new people? From softball to kickball, you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to participate. All levels welcome!

flag football is a place where you can find details about upcoming events within your community, leagues, 5ks, marathons, training tips, etc.

running friends



Become involved with your community and do something!

Volunteer work is endless and a great way to give back to your community. I take part in house builds quarterly with my local church but there are other organizations out there that can use a hand or two. Trust me, you don’t need to be a master carpenter to contribute. If someone can trust me with a hammer then there’s hope for anyone.


If building is not your forte, you can sign up to volunteer at local races. There are easy tasks such as handing out water and cheering on racers. You might even get a volunteer t-shirt to commemorate your experience. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

4. Clubs

Join a book club and dish about your favorite chapters, or write your own chapter! There are tons of clubs and support groups out there that highlight your hobbies and interests.

Before you get out there, here are some precautions: Be safe, avoid sketchy people, and have fun. Release some endorphins and laugh a little.

color run

Deanna Phouthavone

San Diego State | 3 stories

Deanna Phouthavone is currently a senior pursuing a Communication degree at San Diego State University. Like a true California girl, she enjoys adventures outdoors and her shoe collection mainly consists of Rainbow sandals. Late night Mexican food is her kryptonite. To keep up with awkward moments, follow her on Twitter: @Dear_Deanna

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  2. […] Making New Friends, A Guide to Improving Your Social Life […]

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