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Preparing Your Mind and Soul for an Adventure

Travel is an adventure in its own right. You are seeing unique, beautiful things, meeting new faces around every corner, snapping photos for family and friends back home, and trying to soak up as much as you can as fast as you possibly can. It is easy once you get swept up in the moment and the chaos that surrounds you to, when it’s all over, look back and wish you had been more in tune with yourself and lived in the moment.

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To try and combat the stresses that travel can bring, here are five things to consider when you are mentally preparing yourself for your next adventure.

Be receptive. Go into all adventures with an open heart and mind. Everything you come across will not be the same ole thing you see back home, culture shock is a real thing. It is crucial that you take everything in with open arms and accept the cultural differences that you are submerging yourself into.

Be flexible. Mishaps are inevitable in travel. Change is the only thing that is constant in adventure and your well mastered plan will certainly have to be tweaked. Just know that, be responsive, be patient, and move on.

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Be present. Be there, not just physically but also mentally. Put your phone and camera away. Don’t search for the closest café with wifi. Try not to think about physically capturing everything around you and be more worried about capturing it mentally. Open your eyes to the details of the people and places around you and you will see more on your travel then you ever could through a lens.

Be bold. In the dictionary, bold means “showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous”. Traveling takes a lot of courage. If you find yourself nervous or shy, take a deep breath and keep moving forward. I promise you that simply having the courage to be on an adventure means you have the strength to be bold.

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Be deliberate. Think of the things that are challenging you, the things that are wonderful, and all of the things in between. Be appreciative of the laughs with new friends, chats with locals, or deep talks with new found soul mates. Be grateful for your magical surroundings and all of the new things you are getting to experience and celebrate those things with everyone around you. Consciously enjoying the experiences you are having helps you to not only keep yourself in that moment, but also to form deeper relationships and connections with your surroundings.

Being mindful when you travel is the easiest way to allow yourself to enjoy the things around you and live in the moment. Having the proper head space and mentality before you go allows you to be your best self while you are on the adventures you have dreamed of. It can take any trip you are on past the shallows of sightseeing and really allow you to feel and appreciate the experience that is traveling.


Preparing Your Mind and Soul for an Adventure

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