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As college students, I’m sure you would agree it is nice to have a little bit of green in your pockets. One thing that might be even better is also having some yellow, orange, pink, and maybe even some blue – a sign of your past or future travels.

I am gearing up to take my itchy traveler’s feet to Europe for the month of June. Today, I picked up some of the currency I had ordered. It is so cool! (Travel Nerd Alert!) If you love to travel and learn about other cultures, examining the currency of each country can give you some interesting insight to their culture.

Many people have told me that a lot of European money can look like Monopoly money – they weren’t joking. Have a look for yourself.

Left Column (Top to Bottom): 100 Czech Kournas (pronounced “crowns”), 200 Czech Kournas, 5 Dollars. Right Column (Top to Bottom): 10 Swiss Francs, 20 Swiss Francs, 50 Euros.

Foreign currency can also make for a pretty cool souvenir. On my mom’s last trip to the Philippines, she brought back a whole set of the new Filipino Pesos for me to keep. It is just as colorful and interesting as European currency. Check it out below.

Angela Strohbeck

San Diego State | 29 stories

Angela recently graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Communication. She loves to travel, experience live music, and make videos. Angela studied abroad in Europe with the SDSU School of Communication in 2012. During the trip, she studied organizational communication and the rhetoric of tourism in Prague, Munich, Luxembourg, Grindelwald, and Paris. She studied Spanish for six years and is currently learning German. Her favorite quote is, "first seek to understand, then be understood." Her favorite movies are American Beauty and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

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