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Most “Instagram-Worthy” Places to Visit in North Dakota

 Located in the Great Plains, North Dakota is an Instagrammer’s paradise filled with miles and miles of nature’s finest.

As the nation’s third least populous state, North Dakota has plenty of open land to explore. In the age of social media, one must ask, if you didn’t post a picture on Instagram, did you really leave your house?

Way back when, I visited North Dakota as a pit stop for a family vacation. If you’re ever in the area, here are a few of some classic spots you would not want to miss.

 5. Fargo Air Museum

Located in the state’s largest city, the Fargo Air Museum is a definite stop on our list. Right next to the Hector International Airport, it’s an easy visit as soon as you land. This museum features exhibitions focusing on past wars, North Dakota Air National Guard, and the history of the North Dakota Flying Aces. They even have a full-scale replica of the Wright brothers’ flyer. (Picture-perfect suggestion: Throw on a bomber jacket and aviator sunglasses as you pose with the historic aircraft.) The interesting part about the aircraft in the museum is that 90% of them are still in flying conditions. But, don’t get any ideas!

4. Bonanzaville USA

One of North Dakota’s leading tourist attractions, Cass County Historical Society Bonanzaville is a culmination of over 40 historic buildings and 400,000 artifacts! That’s a lot of history. The automobile museum, the train depot, the tractor museum, Fargo’s First House are only a few of the attractions found in this tiny village. There’s even a rotating exhibit gallery on the state’s history! (It’s a lot more interesting than it sounds, trust me.)

 3. World’s Largest Holstein Cow

If you’re looking for large animal statues, North Dakota will be right up your alley. Bulls, buffaloes, turtles, walleyes: they’re all here. Above all, the “World’s Largest Cow”, affectionately called Salem Sue, is the most notable attraction among the rest. Since 1974, this large fiberglass model has stood 38 feet high and 50 feet long in New Salem, in honor of the local dairy farming industry. Holy cow!

2. North Dakota Museum of Art (NDMOA)

I have always been a sucker for art museums, so adding this destination was a no-brainer in my book. While on your college road trip, make sure to put the University of North Dakota on the map, since they also have this museum conveniently on campus in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Most of the exhibitions here feature Lewis and Clark, Native America, and the state’s natural beauty. If you want to further explore North Dakota’s artistic side, the Plains Art Museum is located in Fargo, just about an hour drive from Grand Forks.

1. International Peace Gardens

Established on July 14, 1932 as a symbol of the nations’ diplomatic relationship, this park can be found sitting on the international border between the United States and Canada, hence the park’s name. IPG is one of the nation’s most scenic attractions, along with being a symbol of peace and friendship among the countries’ people. Adorned with fountains, endless greeneries, and over fifteen thousand flowers, the garden is absolutely breathtaking–an Instagrammer’s paradise. My personal favorite in the garden are steel girders, which are building remains from the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks.

These are only just a few places you could visit in the great state of North Dakota. Want to extend your stay? Not only is it a fantastic choice for your next vacation, it’s also a nice, quiet place to start a new life. They certainly have more than enough space for new residents! Feeling inspired? Be sure to tag @officialcollegetourist, #NDLegendary and #NDTourism when you’re on the road! Happy Touring!

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Photo Credit: Michaela Hewitt

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