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Must Have Accessories To Make Study Abroad Easier.

Get organized before you board the plane with these top packing essentials.

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Laundry Kit

If  you anticipate any travel stints longer than a week or two, you’ll be grateful you thought about laundry needs beforehand. Most likely, you will only be able to bring a limited amount of clothing and won’t want to constantly be paying for and taking trips to a laundromat. It also isn’t typical for Europeans to have many drying machines anyway. Purchase a sink stopper, sink detergent packs, and possibly a portable laundry line so you can do your laundry quickly and cheaply from your own hostel or hotel room. Lewis N Clark Laundry Kit.   – Emily Roth



Portable Chargers

One accessory no one should travel without is a portable charger!! It saved my life (more than once) while traveling throughout the UK and Europe and I don’t go anywhere without it. The best part is they’re super cheap, like this one I have from Best Buy. Just make sure the charger is fully charged before using it ; ) But they’re small, lightweight, and a must have device in this day and age.  Portable Chargers  – Niki Kirschner.



Travel Wallet

The Sakroots Artist Circle Xlarge Wallet is the perfect wallet for travel. It has multiple compartments for change, money, and cards to keep you organized and has plenty of space to fit all those strangely shaped foreign bills, your passport, tickets, and other travel documents. It’s big enough for everything you need to lug around but small enough to fit into a cross body bag. It also works nicely as a clutch when you don’t want to carry a purse.  Sakroots Wallets.  – Hannah Polston.


Portable Umbrella

One of most important tips is to always be prepared, no matter what situations arise that you may not see coming. The one thing you must always put in your bag while traveling is a small packable umbrella. Especially in England, it rains A LOT and it helps to always be prepared by just leaving an umbrella in your purse or travel backpack. There’s nothing worse than stumbling outside into a sudden, unexpected downpour and you forgot your umbrella, so you’re stuck, drenched in the rain. Portable Umbrella.  – Miranda Siwak.


Toiletries Bag

I would never travel again without my hang-up toiletries bag. Hostels are crowded and bathrooms in halls/dorms are usually tiny. Chances are there will be limited space to put your toiletries bag on a bathroom counter (if there is one at all). Having a bag that hangs up is incredibly useful and it will keep your stuff off the ground more often than you think-this includes the wet ground in the shower! The one I use is from LL Bean and it has multiple compartments and zip up pockets. Toiletries Bag.   – Roslyn Kent.


Multi Continent Adapters

A must have for any traveler is a great adapter, and even better is a multi country/continent adapter! Multi continent adapters are very common and can be purchased from most electronic stores as well as eBay and Amazon. My multi continent adapter has plugs for North America, The UK, Europe, and Australia. Even more convenient are the two USB ports, which come in handy for charging my iPhone and well as my GoPro, and allow me to charge multiple devices at one time! It is definitely something I would never leave home without when traveling. Frequent travelers need this product to prevent the hassle of carrying around multiple adapters or purchasing a new adapter for each trip to a new country/continent.  Continent Adapters.  – Emily Freebery.


Travel Journal

It’s always great to keep a journal nearby when you study abroad. You’ll be able to write about anything and everything that’s important to you. You can use it to jot down your first impressions about places, you can write good food or music that you encounter during your stay. You can also use the journal to practice your writing skills with a new language if you are in a country where they speak a different language or even to write down slang that you learn from local speech. This journal will become a time capsule for your time abroad, it will be filled with your own thoughts and memories about your host country and that’s priceless.
Also, there are tons of cute Travel Journals to pick from out there! It will not only be a useful accessory but it can also be fashionable.  – Nikki McKenna.


Comfortable Shoes

It is absolutely amazing what a pair of comfortable shoes and a back pack can do! My mother has always guided my fashion choices by suggesting “well just wear whatever is comfortable” and of course, I always do the opposite. However, when I travel, I actually take my mothers bit of advice very seriously. Comfortable shoes are key to having a good travel experience. If you are traveling, odds are you will be walking… A LOT. Pack a pair of Chaco sports sandals on your next adventure! These shoes are great for many outdoor activities including fun in the water. They won’t take up much room in your travel bag and are very affordable. Chaco Sports Sandals.  (See Featured Image)  – Sara Burke. 

Sim Cards/Unlocked Phones

I personally have one and have used it in other countries with a sim card and it’s saved both my life + me funds by avoiding high phone bills on my US plan.   Sim Cards  – Gabrielle Hickmon

I used an unlocked phone in Spain through Orange pre-paid SIM cards and it was great!  – Sarah Dougherty.

When I was in England I used “Three Mobile” on my own unlocked phone, they had a deal where I only paid 15 pounds/month and got unlimited data which was pretty awesome…the plan worked throughout the UK and also extended to a number of other countries in Europe.  – Emily Roth.

 Portable Led Mirror

Alexandra Perez A must have for any trip is a portable, lighted LED mirror. It’s light weight and battery operated so it’s easy to travel with! Plus, the folding kickstand makes it easy to do your hair or makeup wherever you are.  Led Mirror.  – Alexandra Perez.



Travel Pillow

A must have on any trip to stay comfortable is a travel neck pillow! Whether you’re flying on a plane, riding on a train, or cruising in a car, you don’t want your neck to get sore if you fall asleep. Travel neck pillows support your neck and can be used as a pillow if necessary! Get one that clips on to your luggage so you don’t lose it and stay comfortable throughout your travels, like this one from Samsonite.  Travel Pillow.  – Gabrielle Hickmon.


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Must haves essentials for study abroad to make your life easier.

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