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My All-Time, Top 10 Packing List. Period. Dot.

Packing is a learned skill. Here’s what to take and where to get it!

There are too many “Top 10” lists for what to pack when traveling. More than that, each traveling list is not exactly the right travel situation you find yourself preparing for. Well, ladies & gents, look no further because this list is not messing around. It’s serious business. (Seriously.) If you follow my Top 10 List, you will be prepared for any traveling adventure and it  is not dependent on the time, place, or environment you are traveling to. Are you ready for this?

1. Chaco sandals

These are great to use in all different climates as well as if you are planning on traversing through some wet areas. Chaco sandals have an amazing footbed that gives a lot of support so you’re feet won’t hurt after trekking for days. Furthermore, wearing thick SmartWool socks (we will get to those later) with your Chaco’s (somewhat of a fashion statement) can turn your sandals into warm and comfy footwear. (Available here)


2.Osprey Talon 44 Backpack

I live in this backpack when traveling. I use it for weekend trips, spring break trips, as well as for a trip around the world in 68 days. It will withstand ANYTHING and is the perfect carry-on size for those pesky budget airline restrictions. (Available here)


3. Patagonia pullover

This is a life saver as it offers a warm layer without making you look like a slob in a massive sweatshirt. These pullovers are also easy to wash and then if it gets too warm you can easily tie it around your waist. Traveling is all about layers and this is a layer I won’t travel without! (Available here)


4. Dark wash denim

Comfy and form fitting jeans that can easily go from day to night are a must for guys and gals. Also, a dark wash can mask the dirt that accumulates in between doing laundry. (You’re welcome.) (available here)

5. Clarks ankle boots

Clarks also have a very supportive footbed that allow for long days of walking without hurting your feet. They have many different styles for both men and women. If you are planning on wearing warm socks (as mentioned in #7) I would get a half size bigger. {In the photo below, I, on the far left, am sporting the boots along with the SmartWool socks I will talk about in #7.} (available here)


6. Clarisonic

This was my one “princess” item that I took with me. (Sorry guys, this may be more for the ladies reading.) This one device made it so that I didn’t have to worry about bringing all of my usual face wash with me because my Clarisonic works wonders. My skin felt great, looked great, and that was one less thing I had to worry about. (Available here)

7. Smartwool socks

No matter if you will be in cold temperatures or not, Smartwool socks are a lifesaver by wicking away your stinky feet sweat and making a pair of socks last for more than just one day. [No one has room for two weeks worth of socks in their backpack.] (Available here)

8. Pocket-sized Moleskine Journals

I didn’t want one huge journal to lug around, but I knew I wanted something easily accessible so I could jot things down while on the move. I filled up all four of mine throughout my last trip and also stashed ticket stubs in the back envelope attached. (Available here)

9. Change Purse or Ziploc Bag, whatever floats your boat

Whenever I went to a new country, I made sure to get my hands on some of the local currency. When leaving said country, I kept at least one coin of currency. I now have a coin purse full of different currencies that one day I will make something out of, but for now I will continue to collect! 🙂 (Available here)


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University of Dayton | 15 stories

Virginia born, Kentucky raised, and Spain living. Currently living in Southern Spain as an English Language Assistant. A graduate of The University of Dayton with dual degrees in Spanish and Public Relations. I fell in love with southern Spain during my semester of study in Seville & before coming back to USA after my studies I decided to circumnavigate the globe for three months. I then went on another 50 day backpack trip and ended up living in Spain! I consider myself a world traveler, videographer, (striving) calligrapher, and blog enthusiast just beginning to scratch the surface of the adventures life has to offer.

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