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My European Bucket List

A semester may seem like a long time to be abroad but it flies by faster than you can imagine. Be prepared with this bucket list.

Once you get a taste of what it is like to explore Europe, you’ll never want to stop traveling. I’ve come to realize that you gain so much more through experiences. You learn to cope with troubles while facing adversity on your own. There’s no doubt about it, you’ll learn a lot about who you are while you explore the world, so might as well live it up and see as many places while you have the opportunity to.

Although I wasn’t able to check off all of these things off my bucket list, I definitely added some new adventures for next time!

1.) Paraglide over the Swiss alps

2.) Attend Oktoberfest

3.) See the Eiffel tower at night

4.) Drink a Guinness in Dublin

5.) Swim in the Mediterranean



6.) Experience the nightlife in Prague

7.) Soak in the thermal baths in Budapest

8.) Visit a Coffee shop in Amsterdam

9.) Golf at  St. Andrews in Scotland

10.) See the John Lennon wall



11.) Buy leather from the Florence markets

12.) Eat escargot in Paris

13.) Walk through Park Güell in Barcelona

14.) Spend a day at the Vatican and Sistine chapel

15.) See the northern lights in Iceland


16.) Hike the Amalfi Coast

17.) Visit the Game of Thrones set in Croatia

18.) Stop in for some live music at the Temple bars in Dublin

19.) Climb the bell tower in Florence

20.) Attend a soccer game in Europe

Italy image

21.) Drink Tuscan wine

22.) See a show in London

23.) Visit Auschwitz in Poland

24.) Explore Christmas markets in Vienna

25.) Throw a coin in the Trevi fountain

Don’t live your life in fear!

Kelsie McKenna

Gonzaga University | 6 stories

Fueled by coffee, driven for adventure

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