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My Major Beyond the Borders; Taylor Swift and the World Trade Organization

 Business Beyond the Borders.

After leaving behind high school’s rigid curriculum of chemistry and history, college is the time to jump into the driver’s seat of your educational future and turn the steering wheel the direction in which you want to be headed.

There is no saying that people don’t make any wrong turns or go down bumpy roads when choosing between majors, but eventually the final destination becomes clear.

I enrolled in the George Washington University School of Business as a freshman. While, I knew little about where I saw myself in four years, I had a feeling that the business world would be my calling (that, and it was a process of elimination with other fields). Currently, in my third year, I have taken most of the wrong turns and bumpy roads I’ve needed in order to declare my major in Information Systems and Technology Management with a minor in Statistics.

Techie and Taylor Swift
I am passionate about understanding how the perpetual growth of technology will affect the business world and consistent innovations are what keep my major so thrilling. The business world is often an intimidating term that people associate with money and profit and greed. But those new boots you bought, the Taylor Swift single you just downloaded and airplane ticket home for winter break are all encompassed in the business world. Marketing, finance, accounting and information systems professionals all had a say about how those goods got into your hands. I have found the overlapping of my studies in statistics and information systems often unavoidable and their applications in the real world (boots and Taylor Swift singles) are infinite.

Business Beyond the Borders
Studying business is inherently an international study. Globalization and the increasing volume of international trade have made understanding international relations and foreign economies essential to the study of business. These relationships have brought me abroad to Florence, Italy through the joint GW and Kent State business program.

Aside from learning about financial management and business and government relations in the classroom, my program has brought me into the European business world. A business field trip to the U.S. Commercial Service in Milan introduced me to the opportunities in foreign service. After a 7 hour trip to Geneva, Switzerland we visited the World Trade Organization in Geneva. An intimate conversation with a communications representative opened my eyes to the vast functions of the single organization and its effect on global relationships. We also sat down with the United Nations Environment Programme during our visit to Geneva where it is clear that the trend of a “Green Economy” is becoming less of a trend and more of a norm.

Tie it all Together
Now, you might be thinking why would any of this international experience be helpful to an information systems and statistics major, but the fact is that all studies in business are intertwined. Understanding that, I am thriving to learn about other aspects of the business world. How is the U.N.’s unique economy affecting the global economy? Well to analyze that question, I could compile and collect trade and economic information to apply my major, but I also need to see the bigger picture by understanding the international business aspects of the question.

How could I not love my major? It is far from boring, and can be applied from anything to an international economy, to the understanding how Taylor Swift’s new album got onto my hands.


Meg Powers

George Washington | 4 stories

I am currently a student at George Washington University studying Information Systems and Statistics. I love baking, country music, and recently got the travel bug while studying abroad.

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