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My Top Two Favorites in St.George, Utah

Author: Molly on The Move 

After a wonderful 48 hours there, I’m excited to tell you all about my top two favorites in St. George, Utah.

As y’all know, my friend and I were in St. George to run the marathon and stayed in the city so that we could explore it a bit further. You may be wondering, how on earth did you pick St. George and why would you want to spend time there? WELL my friends, I am happy to report that we both actually loved it and if you’re in the area, we both think you should stop by. The race itself is known for being one of the most beautiful courses (I concur with that statement) and St. George has a few gems we think are worth checking out!

After only 48 hours, we felt we had a somewhat accurate sense of direction in the small town, if that gives you an idea of the size of this town. If you’re headed to Utah and St. George is along the way, I recommend you visit the area for my top two favorites:

Sugar Cookies at Swig

GOD BLESSSSSSS. It appeared that Swig is their version of Sonic – they had an extremely long drive-thru situation happening and lots of hooligans hangin’ around who were probably wondering what the heck I was doing photographing these cookies. The cookies were a sweet, shortbread with the best buttercream frosting ever and the texture was excellent. The chocolate one tasted very similar to a brownie and the sugar one was just so dang heavenly.

Zion National Park

Zion was around a 45-minute drive from St. George, but if you are anywhere close, you need to make sure it’s on your list. We were fortunate to make it just as the sun was setting on all the red cliffs, creating a gorgeous hue across the park. We didn’t hike anywhere since walking was still a struggle at that point, but even driving through made us both giddy. I know if you explore further there’s a chance to see rivers and waterfalls, so take the time to look up the best routes before you go!

Our time in St. George was short, but sweet, and I am thoroughly impressed with my first trip to Utah! Are you a fan of small towns like St. George?

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Favorites in St. George, Utah

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