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Packing Essentials for a Summer in Barcelona

With a place as exciting and lively as Barcelona, it is essential to pack clothes that will match the city’s vibrant personality.

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Summers in Barcelona can get insanely hot so it’s best to pack light clothing to help you stay cool. Barcelona is also a fashionable city so don’t be afraid to add more color and print to your wardrobe!

-Tops: a few neutral short sleeve shirts, tank tops, and crop tops to mix and match
-Bottoms: denim shorts, printed shorts, and skirts
-A lightweight dress to wear during the day or out at night


To keep your feet cool, the best footwear to pack for Barcelona is sandals!

-A comfortable pair of Birkenstocks that will allow you to explore the city all day without any pain. While Birkenstocks aren’t necessarily the cutest type of footwear out there, they are certainly one of the most comfortable shoes out there
-A cuter pair of strappy sandals for going out. You don’t have to worry about packing a pair of heels to go to clubs in Barcelona because sandals are perfectly acceptable.
-A pair of Converse, which are especially ideal to wear on a plane. As a general rule, always remember to break in your shoes before you go on a trip!


Barcelona is a city that is known for pickpocketing so choose a bag that you can keep a close eye on!

Longchamp totes are particularly ideal because there is only one zipper so it is easier for you to notice if someone is opening your bag. In addition to this, Longchamp totes are incredibly spacious and waterproof so they will endure everything on your trip.
-A crossbody bag like the Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Classic Q – Natasha bag. I like to use this bag for traveling because it has a lot of different compartments and zippers so it’s easier for me to find things in this bag rather than the Longchamp. If you pack a crossbody bag, be sure to keep it in front of you at all times with your camera and go pro.


What’s a trip to Barcelona without a visit to the beach?!

-Your brightest, cutest, and most comfortable bikini to spend a day away from the rest of the city’s bustling pace.
A cover-up: Locals aren’t particularly fond of seeing people walk around in swimwear though so be sure to pack a cover-up!

By packing colorful clothing and printed pants, you’ll have a fashion sense that will match Barcelona’s colorful architecture and landscape!


Packing Essentials For A Summer In Barcelona

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