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Packing Essentials For A Tropical Vacation

7 Things You Can’t Leave Behind, and a Few Things You Can

Some of the most popular travel destinations involve sun, salt water, and sand. Let’s face it, when it comes to the beach not many other places can leave you feeling as relaxed and renewed. So the next time you are prepping for the tropical vacation of your dreams, here are the top seven things you cannot leave without:

1. Sandals

Starting with the obvious, you are not beach-ready without a good pair of sandals. There is nothing like kicking those guys off your feet at the beach and enjoying the sand between your toes. Many places that have beaches also have good hiking trails nearby, so I recommend bringing some multipurpose sandals that can withstand a trek on the trail as well.

2. Sunglasses

My biggest tip when it comes to sunglasses for the beach is to bring cheap ones! It is totally fine to invest in some nice sunglasses that you keep safe and far far away from all things sandy, but you should also pick up a cheap pair at the drugstore that you do not have to be concerned about losing, breaking, or getting scratched up.

Palm Trees Kauai Image

3. Re-usabel Grocery Bag

You know those cloth grocery bags that everyone is trying to replace the plastic ones with? They can be used for so many things, and will totally come in handy at the beach! Not only are they super portable and easy to fit into your suitcase, but they can be used as a beach bag for your towels (usually provided wherever you are staying, so leave yours at home) and other beach necessities. In addition to this, they can be a place to put shells you find, a shopping bag, or a dirty laundry bag. The list goes on!

4. Re-usable Water Bottle

Continuing with the reusable theme, do not forget a water bottle! It is so easy to fill up your water wherever you are staying and bring it to the beach with you, and just like that you saved at least a couple dollars! When you are at the beach, vendors know that you will be needing water and up charge it like crazy. So don’t fall for their schemes and bring your own! Not only are you helping your wallet, but the environment too.

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5. Hat

Don’t be that person who comes home looking like a lobster! A hat will help you save face, literally. And don’t mind packing sunscreen if you are wanting to pack light, you can always pick some up once you arrive.

6. Book

If you are anything like me, you are always wishing you had more time to read… and I don’t mean your school textbooks. Now is the perfect opportunity to get that book that has been on your list forever and knock it out!

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7. Floaties 

What? Floaties? No, not the arm floaties you wore as a kid to help you swim (unless you can’t swim, then more power to you!). Go to your local dollar store and pick up a few inflatable intertubes to relax on in the ocean or the pool. They are so easy to pack when they are deflated, and so nice to have once you arrive at your destination. Everyone else will be wishing they had them as you float along and enjoy the waves.

Enjoy your next tropical vacation along with these must have items! Comment below any additional things you think should be on this list!

Packing Essentials for a Tropical Vacation



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