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Pre-Road Trip To Do List

Combine the best of old and new to make for an authentic, smooth, and memorable road trip.

Make playlists

Driving through a lot of different areas, you’ll being going in and out of stations and often have no service at all. To avoid resorting to using all of your data for online music, be prepared with some playlists. If you’re really want the right road trip feels, burn a few CDs.

Pack games

Wherever you’re staying or stopping along the way, these will end up getting used. Bring some old school games like Twister and Clue. Also bring the essential deck of cards and any games that can be played in the car. A notebook is also a good idea for throwing it back to classic games like MASH.

Buy disposable cameras

This is a really fun idea you might not think of as you probably have access to a quality phone camera or a DSLR. Buy one or two disposable cameras and snap a picture at all you’re stops. It’ll be really fun when you get back home to print out your trip, unedited and unfiltered!

Find a video camera

This is another one that might be overlooked due to the quality of our modern phones. You will see thought that its way more special and novel when you remember to video document your trip.

Download the right apps

This all being said, you do want to take advantage of what your phone can offer. Download the apps that will help your trip reach its potential. Some great ones are Waze for the best directions, Along the Way for finding cool things to do wherever you are, and GasBuddy for finding the cheapest gas. There’s dozens of apps so find the ones that are relevant to your trip before setting out.

Don’t forget the right cords and chargers

Make sure to bring any car chargers you need and if possible an in car power box. This will allow you to keep all your electronics charged and ready to go while not having to worry about it when you get off the road.

Grab a lighter and a bottle opener

Think about the simple items you take for granted while at home. If you’re spending a night in a new place it will be convenient to be able to open a bottle or light a travel grill without making an out of the way trip to the store.

Make your car a human nest

Your vehicle is more than your transportation during a road trip, it’s your temporary home! Don’t be afraid to bring a few more pillows and blankets than you think you’ll need. They have a way of condensing over long hours in the car and one or two more can’t hurt.

Emily Roth

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Emily is a current UConn senior and Political Science major, deeply in denial about graduation. She studied in Nottingham, England for a semester of her junior year and feels super lucky that she was able to travel around Europe. She hopes to pursue a creative and entrepreneurial career which allows her to make actual change in people's lives. She can often be found enjoying cheap wine while consuming excessive amounts of home remodeling shows.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I absolutely love road trips (& disposable cameras!), bring on all the snacks, tunes, and comfy clothes!

    Rachel |

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