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Reflection on the College Years

These college years have been incredible! All thanks to academics, internship experience, friends, fun and studying abroad.

By: Vicky Saperstein, Marist College

As a senior, I know a thing or two about college life and what to expect. I’m currently going into my last semester and I will be the first to admit that I’m freaking out. I am though extremely lucky to have amazing memories to look back on. These last three and a half years have been incredible and I owe it all to my academics, internship experience, friends, fun and studying abroad. If you’re currently in college, enjoy these 5 things as much as possible!


Believe it or not, I have enjoyed my courses in college. Uh, my math or science courses…not so much but that’s the beauty of college. You can choose your classes and your schedule. There will be some boring classes and some amazing classes. Once you find what you’re good at and what you want to pursue, it won’t be a huge struggle getting to class. This may sound crazy but you will find yourself enjoying class and actually wanting to attend. It’s totally different from high school because you are taking classes that interest you. What’s better than that? Well, having awesome professors who are there for you when you have questions. All professors have office hours so reach out to them if you are having trouble on something or want your paper to be revised before sending it in.  They really want to help you succeed. It’s important to keep on good terms with your professor because you will need a recommendation letters later on for that study abroad application. Ultimately, the resources you have in college are endless and it is really up to you to take advantage of them all.


Internship Experience

College gives you experience in your personal but also professional life. After perfecting my resume, cover letter and linked in profile, I sent it out and hoped for the best. My internships have given me hands-on experience and helped me gain skills that I will use in my future career. In addition, it prepares you for the real world and how life is after graduation. This experience will make you appreciate your college lifestyle so much more. Trust me!


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The most exciting aspect of college is developing friendships and living with your best friends. I have formed so many amazing friendships in college and I don’t know how I ever lived without them before. Even if you’re not in the same room or dorm building as your close friends, you are still close enough to walk to their room and see what they’re doing. Just think about how amazing that is. Living with all your friends in one place and having the chance to hang out with them everyday is something I’m truly going to miss. From my sorority sisters to my friends outside of my sorority, each friendship is special to me. Without these friendships, my college experience would have been completely different.



When I look back on my past three years, I don’t think about the stress as much as I think about all the fun that I had. There really is no other time in your life when going out on a Monday night is acceptable so enjoy it now. Again, you are surrounded by people your age and everyone has the same mindset. There is nothing better than going out with your friends and seeing everyone just having the best time. Go out, stay out late dancing and then come back, eat that slice of pizza and talk until you all fall asleep. Even if I wasn’t going out, just hanging out with my friends in our living room is fun because it’s more about the people you’re with. I could sit in a room with no TV or smart phones and still have a blast with my friends. These are the times you will remember and there’s no better time to go a little crazy than in college.

 Studying abroad

Studying abroad was hands down one of the best decision I made in my college career. Not only did it help grow professionally but it also opened up my eyes and made me want to explore. There’s so much to explore in this world and if I could, I would travel everywhere. I would dive into new cultures once again, ask questions and enjoy my life because I’m young and it’s the perfect time to do so. I would go back to my time in London and relive it over and over if I could. I cannot stress enough how special it is to study abroad and be a College Tourist!

John Lennon Wall in Prague

Vicky Saperstein

Marist College | 12 stories

Vicky Saperstein is a senior at Marist College. Her favorite things include her dogs, the New York Yankees, photography and her friends. She is a communications major with a concentration in advertising and a photography minor. She is also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Last semester, she studied abroad in London, England and fell in love with it! Her dream is to travel the world with her camera.

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