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Resolutions You SHOULD Be Making For 2014

Just my two cents on New Year Resolutions

By Diana Odero, Chapman University

It’s about that time of the year again guys. Time for people to make the cliché weight loss resolutions that last till about Valentine’s day?? Those who stick to their resolutions all through the year, I commend you all and admire you because I happen to fall in that cliché category and really want 2014 to be the year I actually don’t give up!

2013 for me has been quite a whirlwind of a year and I have learnt a lot from this year so some of the resolutions I shall make are based on what 2013 has shown me and I think these may relate to most if not all of you.


1. Learn to Let People In: If some of you are introverted like me, you understand that we like to keep things in and never talk to anyone about anything no matter how dire it is. My younger brother and I both lost dear friends to suicide this year. My brother is only 18 years old and should not have experienced that kind of loss and the same goes to any young person. It really affected and changed him and I can’t even speak on what the families went through. But what I learnt from this was that these two individuals felt trapped in their own thoughts, they never felt secure enough to talk to even one person about their troubles. I keep thinking if they did, these two lives would have been saved. I’m still in the learning process of letting people in but I’m getting there gradually. And as a result, some advice I have received through letting people in has helped me not make some very rash and not thought out decisions. Life is too short… we need suicide rates to completely reduce especially in young people.

2. Read More Books: This clearly isn’t a resolution for me but still putting it out there because the world has become such a digital, social media engrossed culture. No one reads books anymore! No one takes time out for themselves to get engrossed in a good book, be it a physical one or an e-book/ibook. Given myself the challenge of reading a book a month and as my speed gets better I want to be able to do a book a week or even a day like my awesome mother does. I don’t know how she gets the time to do that though!! #SignsOfArealBookworm haha. This past fall I started doing book reviews on my personal blog and the feedback was really amazing so that’s partly why this is still a resolution, so I can keep up with that and who knows, maybe we’ll have a college tourist book club to get more students back into the reading habit as well


3. I Need To Get Out More: College Tourist Mantra! Even though I already do get out often, now that I’m back home, travelling wont be as easy to do as it was in the States. But my resolution from 2014 onwards is to travel at least once a year to somewhere new, and if I can do it more than once, even better! Travel often, it’s good for the soul.

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4. Take Kickboxing Classes: For those on the weight loss trail, I promise you will not regret this at all! I also do promise you will be super sore on your first try for 2-3 days straight but it’s all in a days work. Once it becomes a weekly thing, the pain eases up and you become so much stronger and agile. I took up Kickboxing this year just to try it out because I just really hate the gym and it’s the best thing I ever did for my body. It’s intense but also a lot of fun and is a full body workout without the monotony of treadmills and weights.

5. Give yourself one MAJOR personal project: Think that’s how I really got through 2013 and I’ll be doing it again for 2014. Write it down in detail or create a vision board for it and put it up in your room. It could be a project geared towards your future or present career. it could be something related to your family, social, or spiritual life. It just needs to be something you are doing for you, to better you and in turn benefits others around you as well. By the end of the year, look back at that page in your planner or at that vision board and the feeling you get knowing you put your all into it and completed this personal project is better than anything else you can imagine. Don’t believe me? Try it out and check back with me at the end of the year.


Those are some of my resolutions for 2014 and hope they give you some ideas of what to try focus on this coming year alongside whatever else you have in mind. Resolutions are basically just statements you say to give you good vibes for the new year but aren’t really necessary. If you are already living on the positive side of life, good vibes will follow you all through the year. Pep talk aside, have fun guys. NYE parties are the best parties of the year so turn up and enjoy! Happy 2014 in advance to you all, another year, another 12 months, 4 seasons to travel, indulge and experience!


Diana Odero

Chapman University | 19 stories

Diana is a recent graduate of Chapman University having studied Graphic Design & Sociology. She is an international student from Kenya and is currently working in Atlanta. She is an adventurous person who views the world with an artistic eye. She loves to travel, to read & write, design, cook and meet new people. In addition to writing for The College Tourist she is also working on building her brand as a freelance designer and lifestyle writer. Check out Diana's blog .

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