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Senior Year Travel Bucket List

College is the best time to expand your travels too. We are young, we don’t care if we stay in maybe a little less than luxurious (really less) hostels, take budget airlines that charge you for every extra thing including oxygen and so on.

Author: The Nomadic Dreamers

This August, I start my senior year of college in Tampa. It has been a wild ride that thankfully isn’t over just yet. With the dream, like many, to travel the world full-time or as much as possible while working digitally, school really doesn’t allow me to really fulfill that dream. BUT, that won’t stop me.

Now this bucket list may not be everything you would do, we are all different. It’s just is here because 1. it may give you ideas and 2. I really do want to try and accomplish all of these things and writing it down makes me more liable.

So add to it, delete somethings, or only do a few. The point I am trying to get across is that, your love for travel doesn’t have to be stopped by school (nor work), or anything else for a matter of fact! If you really want it, you will go. College is the best time to expand your travels too. We are young, we don’t care if we stay in maybe a little less than luxurious (really less) hostels, take budget airlines that charge you for every extra thing including oxygen and so on.

So without further a do (and in no particular order), my Senior Year Nomad Bucketlist:

Take a spontaneous road trip

vintage car image

I love road trips. Long car rides, good music, and lots of bad for you food you definitely do not need but are necessities. We all need a change of scenery or a new adventure every once in a while and sometimes the best ones are unplanned or planned the night before. Go somewhere far away, different from where you live that gives you a break from the stress of projects and papers. Something unexpected that becomes an amazing memory two years from now.

Do something new in your city every month

Tampa Florida street art image usa


I love my city! Yes I can’t wait for the day I can live in another country, galavanting around, discovering all the world has to offer but I never take my college town for granted! You never know where you will be after you graduate so go out and explore your own home before it is too late. This could include going to areas you have never been, maybe go on the hunt for some cool street art (like above), attend cool events around the city that you’ve always pushed off. Even explore neighboring towns and cities that are a part of the local culture and that are easily accessible.

Stay out until dawn and watch the sunrise

senior year travel bucket list image


Yeah yeah, you’ve seen the sunset a million times, but how many times have you seen the sunrise? No one is around (because who really wants to be up that early?) and you have wherever you are, all to yourself. I even find the sunrise to be even prettier than when it sets. I love to just sit there and take in the view and appreciate the beauty of it all (sorry cheesy is my middle name). Stay out all night (we all need a few of those anyway right?) and end the night (or morning) with a grand setting.

Tackle a New Continent during Winter

swiss alps image


Winter is coming….and you better make the most of it. Who wants to sit around on their couch all day for a month (for the fourth time) when you can be exploring a place like the one above? Go cold, or warm, it doesn’t matter but go somewhere completely new! Before you get a full time job and don’t have a month off at a time anymore, go somewhere that you need at least a week or two to explore but go for longer if you can!

I myself have been saying how I need to go somewhere other than Europe (even though I will never have enough). So for me, this winter will probably be a warm sunny vacation, hopefully somewhere in South America, but time will tell…and so will flight deals.

Travel international for your LAST Spring break

travel image for senior year at college

I write this with a tear in my eye…but in all seriousness (well as serious as I can be), this is YOUR LAST SPRING BREAK. Yes, you can go to those typical party destinations in and out of the states, but really the options are endless. International also doesn’t have to be flying over the ocean to Europe. For being in the states, we are sandwiched in between two beautiful and diverse countries as well as a max 4 or 5 hour flight from some beautiful islands in the Caribbean and countries in Central America.

Volunteer in a New Place

volunteer image abroad

Turn your love for travel into a way to also give back to the local community or to an even bigger cause. I know it is unconventional, but you can also make volunteering a part of a bigger trip like spring break or winter break. My school, like most others, have volunteer organizations that you can join that offer daily, weekend, and whole week volunteer opportunities.

Bring Travel to the Dinner Table

pasta image on your travels


I don’t know about you, but I am in a committed relationship…with food. It is one of the best parts about traveling, discovering new and delicious plates that you never knew were missing in your life until now. So, when you can’t be traveling the globe, bring the globe to your dinner table. Get a bunch of friends together and cook a meal that comes from a different country or culture and have a *enter country name here* themed meal.

Hold a international film fest themed night.

movie night image

To add on to the above bucket list item…make the whole night *enter country name here* themed by playing a movie that comes from that country. Or if it is a rainy day, have a movie marathon of films from all around the world or just watch a movie that takes place somewhere else that gives you major wanderlust…just don’t forget the popcorn.

Hit a Music Festival

music festival image at night

It isn’t for everyone, but I’ve always wanted to a hit a big music festival and with many throughout the states and the world, going to one is the perfect excuse to travel somewhere new. You also can meet people from all over, another bonus, and it is the perfect place to create lasting memories with some of your best friends while rocking out to some awesome artists.

Do something heart racing

hanggliding image in abroad

No one remembers the days where everyone just sat around the TV watching the latest episode of your favorite tv shows. NO. We remember those moments that are out of the ordinary to our daily lives. I’m talking about going surfing on the western coast of Portugal, Skydiving in Hawaii, paragliding in Switzerland, scaling a mountain in Spain, or even kayaking off the coast of Florida. The options are actually endless with crazy things to do on every corner of our globe and all waiting for you.

Got something you think I should add or have something different on your bucket list? Share in the comment box below!


Senior Year Travel Bucket List


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