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Snapshot of Morocco: A Photo-Essay

From the lively Medina of Fez to the sea of sand known as the Sahara Desert. These photos will have you dreaming of the mystical country of Morocco.

Terah Summers, University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Morocco is a place for dreamers. It’s a country that captures the imagination with it’s rich culture, vivid colors, fascinating cities, and gorgeous landscapes. I had the opportunity to spend a week in Morocco while studying abroad in Seville, Spain. The close proximity between the two has made Morocco an appealing day trip from Spain. But I encourage you to linger in Morocco. It’s not a country that can be soaked up in a day or two. It takes time and patience to fully absorb the beauty and mystery of Morocco. I discovered that I have a fascination with Islamic architecture and culture while in Morocco and ended up wishing I had spent more than a week there. So give Morocco the time it deserves. To further convince you to book your plane ticket, I decided to give photojournalist a whirl and share some of the photos I took.

Fez, Morroco picture

Blurred vision of pedestrians in the city of Fez. The beautiful, ancient city of Fez is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fez, Morroco picture

Walking through the confusing maze of streets in Fez is the best way to soak up the local culture.

Moroccan tiles picture

Morocco’s vividly colored tiles

Medina of Fez picture

Be ready to be transported back in time as you wander deep in the medina- old city- of Fez.

Fez picture

Capturing a moment of daily life in Fez

Leather tannery picture

Fez is home to the world’s oldest leather tannery. The skins are soaked in natural dyes before crafted in leather products. It is fascinating to watch although the air reeks near the tannery!

High Atlas Mountains pictures

The High Atlas Mountains

Arabic writing picture

Beautiful Arabic writing in Rissani

Boys of Rissani picture

Young boys in the small town of Rissani

Pottery in Rissani picture

Pottery in Rissani

Desert picture

Young boy riding bak to his home in the desert.

Camel shadows picture

Camel shadows across the Sahara sand

Sunset in Sahara picture

Silhouette of the camels against the backdrop of a tangerine colored sky.

Sahara picture

Man resting upon a sand dune in the Moroccan Sahara Desert.

Algerian and Moroccan border picture

Watching the sunrise near the border of Algeria. The serenity of this photo masks the tension that exists between Morocco and Algeria.


Terah Summers

University of Hawaii at Manoa | 15 stories

Terah is an island girl born and raised in Hawai'i. She is an economics major attending University of Hawai'i at Manoa. She also works at her university as a campus tour guide. In her free time she enjoys surfing, hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, writing, reading and obsessing over travel photos on Pinterest. After returning from a semester abroad in Spain, she dreams of traveling the world, learning new languages, and making a difference! She is currently traveling in South America so check out here personal blog :

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