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Snowmen, Cookies, Classics and Cuddling. How to Survive a Snowday


With a blizzard barreling up the East coast of the US and our thoughts turn to a snowy Saturday, we’re wondering how to spend the day tomorrow.  There’s always study, but we’re thinking more about a relaxing snow day with friends than making ‘good use’ of the down time.


When you rise to find a beautiful landscape of pearlescent white blanketing the outside world, grab your friends and head outside to enjoy it while it still looks so peaceful.  Build a snow man and dress him in you schools colors – show your pride, name him or her!  Grab a sled (or smooth piece of cardboard box) and head to the nearest hill.  Sledding is not just for little kids, who doesn’t love the wind in their face and the soft thud into the snow when you come crashing down the hill.  Are you tired yet?


peanut butter choc chip cookies

Head back inside to warm up.  Spend a little time in the kitchen baking up a storm or tossing together your favorite salsa.  For a little inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest board for plenty of recipes.  One of our faves is these Peanut butter–chocolate chip cookies.

Breakfast at tiffany's

As the afternoon winds into evening, put out the cookies, salsa and other nibbles you and your friends have whipped up while the storm swirled outside.  Cuddle up with the Classics.  Find some old black and white movies on TV, settle in and enjoy the feeling of your tired body relaxing after a day of playing in the snow and cooking up a storm (pun totally intended).

Oh yeah, wake up the next day and hit those books!

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Don’t forget to tell us how you love to spend a snow day in the comments below!





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