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So You’re in Lubbock, TX… Now What?

What to Do When You Find Yourself in the Middle of Nowhere

So, for some reason, you’re in Lubbock, Texas. Maybe it’s for college (wreck ‘em, Tech), work, or visiting family. One of the things I heard most often from people when I decided to come to college in Lubbock was that there was nothing to do. I was going to be so bored all of the time. Much to my pleasant surprise, those people were wrong. While it’s no Austin, Dallas, or Houston, Lubbock does have a lot of interesting things to offer if you’re willing to look for them.

For Foodies/Coffee Lovers:

Lubbock has A TON of restaurants. There’s a little something for everyone. There are the typical college student favorites (Chipotle, Cane’s, Chick-fila, etc.), but also a ton of variety and ethnic restaurants as well. There are about four Thai restaurants (Thai Kitchen is my recommendation), Tikka Shack for Indian food, and Italian Garden for Italian food. Of course, these are just a few of the options.

Lubbock also has five very different coffee shops to suit pretty much anyone. J&B Coffee is always full of college students catching up with friends or doing homework. Yellowhouse has the best coffee out of the five and has a very hip vibe. Sugar Brown’s is where most of the concerts are and also is a major hangout for college students. You can usually catch a concert there on weekend nights. The lineups consist of local artists playing a variety of music and are usually announced on their Instagram, @sugarbrownscoffee. The Coffee Shop just opened and is in downtown and is part of an effort to revitalize downtown. It has modern and minimalist decor. This one is probably the least busy because it’s new.

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For the Artsy People:

First Friday Art Trail is a must if you happen to be in Lubbock on the first Friday of any month. It takes place all throughout downtown Lubbock but is centered at an area by the LHUCA. The art trail is a celebration of art, the community, and good food.

There are also several art exhibits and random festivals happening in conjuction with Texas Tech University or just in the community. Texas Tech’s website usually has information about what is going on for the week at the university, and if you just google ‘events in Lubbock’ you should be able to find available events in the community.

For the Nature Lovers:

Lubbock has a few popular parks where you can usually find people playing frisbee, picnicking, or just lounging on the weekends. Tech Terrace Park is the most popular. However, hammocking is illegal here!! Another nice park is Mackenzie Park which includes on of my most favorite things in Lubbock, Prairie Dog Town. It’s nothing too special, but it’s a cool place to see something a little unusual. It’s super fun to see the little prairie dogs run around and communicate with each other!

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If you’re willing to drive a little while, Palo Duro Canyon is about a 2 hour drive away. Palo Duro is a beautiful state park and is called the ‘Grand Canyon of Texas.’ The most popular trail is the Lighthouse Trail, which offers leisurely walk for the most part and then a short steep hike up to a platform that gives a sweeping view of the canyon. It’s a bit rough there at the end but SO worth it. Caprock Canyon is also about 2 hours away and an equally as good option as Palo Duro. The cool thing about Caprock is that the soil is red!! So the whole thing is really aesthetically pleasing. It also offers a variety of hiking trails! If you’re willing to make a weekend trip out of it, Guadalupe Peak (the highest point in Texas) is only a 4 hour drive away!

image of Caprock Canyon

Caprock Canyon

While Lubbock isn’t the hippest of towns, there are still plenty of cool things to do if you’re willing to look for them!

So You’re in Lubbock, TX… Now What-

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  1. Rhonda Jones says:

    Great job and great information!! Lubbock is also one of the friendliest towns that I have been to. While it is small in size, it is giant in stature. Give Lubbock a chance and I think you will be surprised.

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