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Some of College Tourist’s Popular Articles from 2014

A look back at what our readers loved in 2014. We can’t wait for 2015


1. 50 Things Every College Student Needs to Know About Barcelona

Quick tips from a student living in Barcelona.   By Morgan Juraco, Iowa State University  Read it here





2.  20 Things Every Hofstra Student Knows To Be True

Hoftra Pride! We love It.  By Gabrielle Murphy, Hofstra University    Read it here




3.  The Suitest Life: 10 Reasons why Semester-at-Sea is the Greatest Study Abroad.. Ever

The real-life way that you can spend your study abroad in 14 different countries, traveling the world by sea. And why it is the BEST.    By Jenna Peck, Southern Methodist University   Read it here.




4.  16 Awesome Facts about Wittenberg University and Its Hometown

Being a small liberal arts college in the middle of Ohio doesn’t make it less awesome. Because…   By Jane Ha, Whittenburg College Read it here



5.  10 Bad Excuses to Not Study Abroad

Top 10 reasons why people choose not to travel, and why you should throw those reasons out the airplane window and study abroad!  By Jenna Peck, Southern Methodist University  Read it here




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