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Spring Break Packing List for Guys

What guys should pack to be comfortable & stylish.


After studying all semester comes the highly anticipated season where it’s time to play: Spring Break. No matter where you’re going, it seems like everyone’s chasing the sun. We’re doing this Spring Break Packing List just for you to keep you hot, sizzling and stylish this school break.

5 Tops

When picking out the right shirts for your trip, make sure you have a variety. T-shirts are handy and can give you both style and comfort during your journey. A graphic round tee is an essential, but don’t forget to bring those classic v-necks for extra points. A ¾ sleeve cotton shirt can also be a great addition whether you’re just strolling around the shore or hanging out with friends. For nightlife, pack a plaid sleeved top or a smart denim polo; pair those with jeans and you’re ready to go.

4 Bottoms

You should never be without jeans, wherever you’re going. Pick a pair that has a good fit, in traditional denim or colors. Go for something darker to look a bit dressier. Additionally, denim shorts look great during the day when it’s too warm for jeans.

Of course, Spring Break is equivalent to the beach, and what’s the use of going on this vacation if you’re not gonna look the part? Pack two swimming trunks to make sure you can alternate between the two and have a clean pair. Try to choose shorts that look good on and off the beach.

1-2 Outerwear

Pack a hoodie or sweater because temperatures tend to drop by the ocean and it’s always good to have something cozy you can throw on for warmth. A good idea for a jacket is a casual blazer you can wear to dress up or layer on cool nights.

2 Shoes

Never pack more than three pairs of shoes as a rule of thumb. For this trip, flip flops or sandals are good for the day and a pair of casual shoes or trainers that you can wear out at night should be your second pair.


Sunglasses are a must; it doesn’t just keep the glare of the sun off your eyes, but you also look unusually cool when wear them. Bring a beach cap and other must-have accessories, like a waterproof watch and a basic black fedora for the parties.

Lastly, don’t forget your sunblock to avoid nasty burns that can ruin your skin and your trip! Have a great Spring Break!


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Originally from Los Angeles, Alex has been traveling around the world since 2008. 36 countries and 6 continents later, she’s traveled as a tourist, a backpacker, and a vagabond.

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