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Spring Break Top Travel Destinations

What destinations are StudentUniverse travelers booking for spring break this year?

The top destinations (in order of booking volume) are: Los Angeles, London, New York, Orlando, Miami, San Juan, Cancun, San Francisco, Madrid, Paris, Seattle, Barcelona, Tokyo and Shanghai.

How are these destinations different than past years?

This is the first time in seven years that New York is not the top destination.  Additionally, Dublin and Boston were the #5 and #7 destinations by bookings volume respectively last year and neither are in the top 14 this year.  Bookings to San Juan on the other hand, are on the rise – it was the 18th most booked destination in 2016 and has risen to #6 to command a spot in the top 10 in 2017.

Here’s our top picks for what to do and see in some of our favorite destinations.

1. London: 50 Things Every Student Should Know About London

2. Los Angeles 12 Hour Guide Around the LA Area.

3. San Juan: 12 Hours in San Juan

4. Miami :  Summer Vacay the local way, Miami

5. Shanghai  10 Tips for an Amazing Shanghai Study Abroad Experience

6. Barcelona:  50 things Every Student Should Know About Barcelona



Top Destinations for Spring Break


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