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Student Spring Break Packing List for Girls

What to Pack for Spring Break

Spring break getaways – it’s the one event you look forward to all year! Of course, being locked away in your classroom, doing projects, assignments and all kinds of papers for your studies, you can’t wait to break free and let loose for a week. This student spring break packing list is gonna help you pack for your big trip in style so you can focus your attention on having fun!

Wherever you’re planning to spend this vacation, we’re sure it’s going to be a hot one with popular Spring Break destinations including sunny weather in Florida and beautiful beaches in Mexico. It’s time to break free from your frosty winter clothing and find some cute Spring Break outfits to show off your new tan.

Here’s a list of essential must-haves for a fashionable and fun Spring Break!

Student Spring Break Packing List

3 Tank tops + 1 Long sleeve top Pick up two basic tank tops, something you can mix and match and use as a cover up when going to the beach. Tank tops are just the in thing for spring, and no matter what bottoms you will use, you’ll certainly move with chic comfort with these tops. Another substitute for a cover up is a thing long sleeved shirt. A tunic looks cute and is perfect shield from the sun.

1 Dress + 1 Romper Look pretty for sightseeing with a day dress and a romper. Day dresses, also perfect for the beach, are just the perfect thing for spring break. It’s what you’d want to wear when you’ve run out of mix and matching ideas while still looking fresh and feminine. Rompers give you a perky charm; best to wear when you’re touring around the area with your friends.

1 Maxi Skirt It’s interesting to feel that the longer the skirt, the cooler you feel. While miniskirts can look sexy, maxi skirts are more comfortable and dress up your look a bit more. Reserve those miniskirts for party nights, and enjoy a stroll by the shore with a breathable maxi skirt. Mix it up with a tank top and you’re good to go!

1 Shorts + 1 Jeans During spring break, be comfortable and denim is always your best friend for comfort and style. Pair them up with just any top and you can be sure you’re in fashion!

2 Party Outfits We all know that Spring Break means parties, and you wouldn’t miss the club for a thing! Pack a couple of party dresses – a form fitting dress dress for a chic and elegant night, or a cropped top plus a skirt for a more fun event.

2 Swimsuits What’s a spring break without a dip in the beach? Take along with two different swimsuits or better yet, choose a reversible set to save space and double your beach looks!

2 Shoes + 1 pair of flip flops Save your pumps for the clubbing nights, and during the day just wear sandals. Flip flops come in handy, so always bring them especially for the beach. Keep in mind that some clubs might be on the beach depending on where you go so a pair of pretty sandals will work better than heels.

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