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Student Stylist “I Love Helping People Transform Through Fashion”

5 Ways for Guys to Switch Up Their Wardrobe

By Darion Wu, University of Missouri – Columbia

Literally, fashion has taken a complete 360. Being a stylist has been one of the most rewarding experiences EVER. I love helping people transform and see how fashion can change the attitude of the individual. I’ve worked with many clients, friends, and family who all agree that men don’t take enough risks for various reasons. Maybe as men, some of us may not be sure on exactly what and how to piece certain items together or just simply in our comfort zone. Some of the top designers serve as inspiration to us all and are men who make fashion what it is today. Fashion designers such as Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Gucci, Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, and many more are men making that make a statement. Ready to switch it up a bit, here are 5 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Amazing.

1. Don’t be scared of a pop of color.

Darion 1 cropped

Incorporating color into the men’s wardrobe is literally the best decision you’ll ever make. With dark denim, blues, greys,  and your basic neutrals, pops of red, blues, and even shades of pink are never the wrong turn. John Mitchell in this picture is sporting a blue H&M blazer (Thrift), neutral cream casuals by Dockers (Thrift), strawberry pocket by Vex Accessories, and a red v-neck from H&M. The balance of neutrals with the pop of color is the key when accessorizing any outfit. Blues and greys with a  solid white POPS with any occasion. Head to your nearest clothing store, H&M or Wal-mart and  pick out 3-5 pops of colors of shirts, socks, or even pocket squares. Don’t be afraid to POP.

2. Who said Mixing and Matching Patterns were a bad thing.

Darion 2

Men only think that women can wear multiple patterns and get away with it! Think again! Balancing color and shades are key when mixing and matching colors. In this picture, I’m wearing a polk-a-dot bow tie by Urban Outfitters (Thrift), handkerchief by Urban Outfitters, Earrings by Vex Accessories, Black Blazer and White Button Down from Avalon Exchange Thrift. Whether dressing down or dressing up, there is never an occasion that mixed patterns aren’t appropriate. If you’re dressing for an occasion wearing the color black, using one pattern with black incorporated with a mixed pattern incorporating color, is literally the best balance ever. Try it out and let me know what you think.

3. Who said that simplicity wasn’t the right thing to do!

Darion 3

Sometimes less is better! Getting to excited about color, patterns, and accessories can seriously make a major difference. You want every outfit to be effortless. I compare this simplistic approach, closely to the Chanel Black dress with the red limp/pump. It’s a simple look, for women that adds sophistication without over-accessorizing. Adi Babu, is wearing a blue button down by American Eagle, pocket-square by Vex Accessories, and pants by American Eagle (thrift purchase). With the simple roll up sleeve and pocket square, this is a great balance for making a statement with a simplistic approach. Go to your nearest clothing store to purchase 5 solid colored tanks, polos, long-sleeve, or short-sleeve tops. Think about what things could help create that simple fit, with blue jean jackets, neutral colored vest, or even a simple watch, that just adds the perfect touch. Who said simplicity wasn’t the right thing to do.

4. Dressing up never looked better!

Darion 4

It’s still funny to this day that I hated dressing up! As a kid, I never wanted to tuck my shirt in, where a belt around my casuals, or where dress shoes that my mother used to pick out for me. 15 years later… GQ Magazine Subscriptions, weekly thrifting, and 10 pairs of Johnston and Murphy/Steve Madden dress shoes. In this picture, I’m wearing a bow-tie from Leo’s Costume and Thrift, Checkered Pattern from Avalon Exchange Thrift, Grey Blazer from Avalon Exchange Thrift, Black Cords from Goodwill, and beige dress shoes by Johnston & Murphy. Blazers and bow ties never looked better. Okay, how about this….Go out to your nearest store that sells suits, ties, and dress shoes. Get fitted to find out all of your sizes and fits. Once you have all of your sizes and fits, ask to try on different styles. Bow ties, skinny ties, regular ties, slim suits, fitted suits, etc. Find your favorite look and get multiples.

5. Converse with rolled up denim.

Darion 5

Taking risks is what really helped me find what works. There is a sense of comfort when you find your go to for everything, but why not take your wardrobe up a notch for spring. In this picture, I’m wearing a light blue button down from Avalon Exchange Thrift, dark-denim by H&M, and glasses from Avalon Exchange Thrift. This was actually my first time that I had ever worn converse! Rolling up the pants and the shirt made the outfit consistent. Go ahead and try something different. So for the Guys that thought Straight Legged Jeans, V-Neck shirts, and patterns were not their thing, by one item and just see how you feel. I promise you won’t regret it.


Darion Wu

University of Missouri - Columbia | 3 stories

Darion Jordan is a junior at the University of Missouri, studying International Apparel Marketing and Merchandising with a dual major in International European Studies. He's had the opportunity to develop his creativity, fashion production, and international marketing strategies in apparel, retail, and non-profit industries. He has a passion for fashion, cultures, and diversity, incorporating these aspects in his everyday work.

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