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Student Travel Mantras

 Connect to your travel spirit through these inspirational quotes from students who enjoy the wonders of travel.


“I live spontaneously. Life’s too short too contemplate on the consequences”

Alice, 21, on studying abroad in Madrid, riding camels in Morocco, and backpacking Europe.

“Traveling Truly emphasizes the value of experiences over tangible possessions”

Katie, on Study Abroad. 

“Spontaneity is the hidden gem of traveling that brings unbridled experiences that are full of surprises”

Caitlin on Travel. 

“Traveling gives wings to dreams and fills the soul with wonder”

Christian on Study Abroad.

“Adventure is not limited to the depart and return dates on an itinerary but instead it is a way of life”

Hannah on Travel.

“Traveling molds and shapes you in ways nothing else ever will.  It illuminates who you are outside of your personal context showing you what you can be”

Katie, 21 on growing while studying for a semester in London, visiting Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Seville and Istanbul.

“You never know who you truly are until you go somewhere completely unknown. Travel more, travel further, and travel weirder”

Molly  21, on how to further develop yourself through travel.

“Always try to find new opportunities to be a part of something bigger than yourself”

Sarah 18 on leaving home and fining your way in a new environment

“You will never return to your home country the same person as you were when you left. Some things can’t be taught in a classroom and can only be learned by getting out to experience all the world has to offer”

Lindsey 19 on Travel.

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