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wanna head across the pond? try study abroad in london

By Ciarra Lee, Syracuse University

Big Ben  (c) Tara Dushey

Big Ben
(c) Tara Dushey

Thinking of heading to jolly ole’ England? Try studying in London! Tara Dushey and Olivia Chanyungco share their experiences with those of you looking for a little adventure during your abroad experience. Big Ben, the London Eye, and Buckingham Palace are of course some of the biggest tourist attractions that one must see, but their insight on the city will provide  those looking to study abroad some new and exciting localized fun! From whole-in-the-wall bars, fancy clubs, local markets, and trendy shopping areas Tara and Olivia have the places you and your friends are going to want to check out. Apart from all the sights and scenes to explore, the dynamic duo say that to have a complete abroad experience it’s important to make sure to put yourself out there and really hone in on the local crowd.  They say talking to the people who have grown up and lived in the city their whole lives is the best way to really get a life experience out of abroad. Take a look.

Ciarra Lee

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My name is Ciarra Lee, I am a broadcast and digital journalism major with a minor in political science at Syracuse University. I am a serious foodie and travel junkie. I love exploring new places and finding out about local cultures!

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