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Study Abroad Packing List for Spring in Europe

Everything you need to know for a stylish Spring in Europe. 

If you are fortunate enough to be heading to your dream destination in Europe this spring you are surely very excited and at the same time a bit overwhelmed at the thought of packing for such as trip. Rest assured this Study Abroad Packing List for Spring in Europe will help ease some stress!

The top five study abroad destinations in Europe at the moment are Milan, Paris, Prague, Copenhagen and London and we here at Travel Fashion Girl have scoured the fashion scenes of the top cities to bring you a minimalist, functional, and stylish 15 Piece Packing List for your exciting semester abroad.

When planning your study abroad wardrobe it is important to have just the right amount of style, comfort and practicality. Dress neatly and appropriately for the climate you’ll be in and the culture that will surround you and you will have the best stories to bring home. Don’t worry; we’ve done the research for you!

You don’t want to look like a tourist during your time abroad, so blend into the crowd with a mostly neutral wardrobe of colors such as black, brown, navy, and tan. Add a few key color pieces into our wardrobe for the Spring season. However, this is best done with accessories such as a crossbody bag, a scarf or a statement necklace for an easy to wear, classic ensemble.

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Paris is one of the most beautiful French cities and one of the four fashion capitals of the world, so you’re clothing will have to be a little more stylish when visiting this beautiful city  of lights, fashion and love. The style in Paris is tailored, edgy and chic, yet conservative and the locals favor neutral colors.

The weather in spring is completely unpredictable though and you will have to be prepared for all of the elements. Dark jeans will act as a great base for your outfits because the hue is figure flattering and will allow you to mix and match with multiple sweaters and blouses. Pair them with your favorite comfortable ankle booties.

Again Parisians love the color black, so try to produce a wardrobe in black, which you can add a touch of color to with your scarf, belts or handbag. The best way to wear black is to mix clothing items with different textures for a fashionable look.


British fashion is partly defined by the country’s infamous weather. It is unpredictable and changeable so you need to be well prepared and always have your umbrella handy, because it rains a lot year round!

Generally, the temperature in London is usually cool and you will find comfort in having a chunky sweater and a jacket or parka to wear over it.

London is one of the most beautiful, vibrant destinations. Not only are there multiple sites to see such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace but it is also one of the four fashion capitals of the world and a perfect destination for shopping. So whatever you do not arrive with, you can top up on your spring wardrobe abroad at high street shops such as Top Shop, New Look, and budget friendly Primark.


Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic and there is certainly plenty of things to do in this cultural hub. In fact, you are in luck if you are planning on visiting Prague during the spring months, because this is said to be the best time to visit the city.

During the spring season the weather is mild and the scenery is beautiful with the gardens in full bloom and you can happily sightsee without letting the weather put a damper on your mood or your excursion–if of course you do not forget your umbrella!

Pack versatile clothing that you can layer for the cooler days and comfortable walking shoes for the cobblestones because you will be doing a lot of walking, the city if filled with beautiful historic sites: take a tour of Prague Castle!

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Milan is one of the most beautiful and fashionable cities in Italy and is filled with the latest styles. However, Milan is not only good for fashion; there are also a number of sites that are a must-see such as Milan Cathedral and Torre Velasca among many, many others.

The weather during the spring season is like most European cities – unpredictable. The temperatures can vary from chilled to warm and sometimes even hot to chilly and you are bound to encounter a few rain showers. Layering is key as with the majority of Europe. Choose items that mix and match and can be peeled off or added as the temperatures fluctuate.

Jeans are great as a base for your outfits and can be teamed with a pretty, light blouse, but don’t forget your jacket or sweater for the cooler weather or opt for a beautiful dress with long sleeves and pair with thick tights or leggings for added warmth.


Copenhagen is known to be a place that is casual. However, that doesn’t mean sloppy, avoid bright and neon colors and while the fashion may be more casual than some of the other destinations, you should still look neat and presentable at all times.

Spring weather can be unpredictable. While there may be sunshine, you should still come prepared for the cold and the rain, therefore layering is key for the spring months and so is an umbrella to protect you from getting caught in a sudden down pour.

A pair of black or navy trousers and dark jeans will work great as your base, team these with t-shirt and sweaters. And comfortable footwear is a must: boots are fabulous, not only are they comfortable and waterproof but they are perfect for all elements and all occasions.

15 Piece Packing List for Study Abroad in Europe for Spring

Some of our favorite shops for cheap and chic clothing are Modcloth and Forever 21 and we have included some of our top picks in our European packing list. Use the visual above as a guide. All you have to do is pack an item from your wardrobe such as the ones shown in the visual and there you have a stylish and minimalist carry-on size packing list!

Black Jeans are great for both style and practicality and can be worn on more than one occasion without needing to be washed. In addition black is also a forgiving color both with form flattery and dirt.  The neutrality allows you to mix and match with a selection of different tops to create entirely new outfits.

Light Jeans are great to mix and match with a number of different tops and outerwear. The light shade mixes up your wardrobe from the typical black shade and are a great alternative for the more casual cities that you visit.

Choose a selection of different but comfortable tops for your spring wardrobe that can be worn on more than one occasion. We suggest comfortable tops with one slightly smarter top for when you need to dress up a little. Try to stick to neutral shades because these once again allow you to mix and match with different footwear, accessories and outwear.

Sweaters are great during the spring season because the weather is transitioning between winter and summer, therefor layering is key. You can choose from a wide range of sweaters from chunky knits but we recommend neutral shades so that you can easily mix and match and wear them on more than one occasion.

A dress always makes you feel pretty and feminine and there will always be a day or a night when you want to dress up a little. Make sure you have something that you feel fashionable and beautiful in, for the special occasion.

Outerwear is probably the key element of your wardrobe, there is nothing worse than traveling and feeling frozen. You want to have at least two or three outerwear options, with at least one that is waterproof. Our top picks are FOREVER 21 Must-Have Parka for its warmth, hood and practicality, not to mention it looks super stylish. Secondly, every stylish woman needs a leather or faux leather jacket in her wardrobe and the FOREVER 21 Iconic Moto Jacket is a stylish alternative to a junky coat. Lastly, the longer your coat, the warmer you are and we think that the Modcloth Lily Patch Trail Coat is a must-have!

Comfortable walking shoes, like Toms you’ll need two or three pairs for variation over the course of the spring, which you have worn before and know that they are comfortable and durable. Also include at least one pair that is waterproof, preferably a pair of boots to account for all weather elements and walking distances.

1-2 Warm Scarves are a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. Not only do they add a much needed pop of color and pattern to an otherwise neutral wardrobe, but they are also practical and allow for added warmth.

A fold up umbrella, these don’t take up much space and they are easy to transport. Be prepared and avoid getting wet!


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